My son mentioned a Vine about being, triggered.  I laughed.  Oh how many posts have I written on being, triggered.  It does seem to be a phase in this journey, like a mind field.  Ahh… yes, clearing out the mind/mental body.  This also often includes our emotional and physical body.  As if we need to have the trigger to release and make room for more of our Spiritual body.

Some though can easily get in a loop of being triggered.  Just releasing and not always realizing the depths of the issue.  It can take self-control/commitment/perseverance to pause, discern and heal/forgive.  And… there are just so many ways to do this.  Be open and patient, particularly with yourself.

I often think of a train and how it takes time to slow it down, let it stop and release the steam.  No more coal/fuel is needed.  Maintenance/self care, yes.  And then it might feel like a big, heavy train as you have to, change tracks/pick a higher vibration/path.  Yet it can also be easy.  Spirit will help… Ask.


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5 comments on “Triggered

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  2. Kryon said to imagine that long train you a pulling of heavy coal from difficult past lives. Now visualize a lever that you pull to release the trains and start anew. To think of it like getting rid of old textbooks you have been carrying around and no longer need. You are starting a new class and the old textbooks are no longer needed. You just take what you learned with you and let go of the old energy.

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    • I LOVE this!! Feels like freedom to me.
      The old me so gets this, too. I paid for my college and those text books – $$. I lugged them around for years (through a few moves) and then, finally, let go. There is so much we can let go of!! Thanks for sharing! ❤

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  3. I have to laugh out loud, reading this. I was just reading a blog about someone on a healing path, and I was triggered by a painful experience she was venting about. Thank you soooo much for reminding me to be patient with myself and to ask spirit for help. Right on time! (There are no accidents!)

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    • Oh I love this comment. Thank you! And, perfect, since I actually wrote this post in laughter. Been there, done that, don’t need a t-shirt, lol. It’s part of the process/journey but so is feeling good and staying in joy! I’ve found in patience, it all works out. Like we forget to breathe and hold our self to a pretty high standard. Please do something SILLY and then do it again! ❤ ya.

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