Live Laugh Love Vibration


I don’t know what was in the air yesterday.  Well, good energy!  So it’s not that anything in particular, happened… or that much was different.  It was just this feeling and all day long.  It was like the, best day ever.  As the sun set, I heard a whisper:  This energy represent 2017.  Oh yes…  bring it!   In the evening though…

I was on the couch.  Feeling all of my teeth and a bit of a sore throat.  I used to mention these symptoms often enough.  Well, they continue.  Temporary and really not too bad.  It can be anything through.  Feeling flu’ish (headache, nausea, tired) = Frequency Light Upgrades.  And on my facebook feed all of these, not feeling so well.  Yes, many are feeling it.  I used to focus on the symptom and what chakra it aligned with and what was my body clearing.  Yet now, I just don’t overthink it.  I trust that my body is doing what it needs to and it will unfold/play out.  So I was smiling and happy despite the mild discomfort.  It is great to get to a place of where this is normal and more than okay.

One may also notice a change in their taste buds or wanting a certain food or even that nothing really sounds, yummy.  Make sure to keep your body hydrated and stretch as needed.

As I write this, I have no idea of, what’s next.  At times I get a sense.  I will say though that being… and the choices that one makes, do seem to be important.  Let just say that the next few days are to LIVE, LAUGH and LOVE!  To be present.  For those in the US, I’ve chatted with several that are having a non-traditional Thanksgivings.  I know the power and often great joy in these moments/decisions.

So as the next few days unfold, when in doubt, choose the live/love/laugh vibration.

As a random side note…  there are so many ways to describe, ascending.  Getting out of the Matrix could be another word choice.  And when one is done (enough) with up to 12D, the word galactic seems to come up a lot.  A new level of assistance is available for many now.  It’s also in the simple.  Nature.  As in connecting to a bird’s song, spending a few minutes in the sun (I’m bundled up warm on the deck) or under the stars at night.  Last night they did seem, bright.  Also be open to what I call Julia Child moments in the kitchen.  Spirit often slips in as a cook.

Well, this will be short and sweet.  I am going to take a blogging break for a few days and will be back soon.  Remain open, honor your process/experience/body/knowing/joy, appreciate every little thing… and ENJOY.  Encode this vibration.  We really are in a good place and all is well.

Wishing you a best day ever… again and again.  ❤

6 comments on “Live Laugh Love Vibration

  1. A Very Merry Un-Thanksgiving Day to You. To You. So cut the pumpkin pie up by Dear and make your wish come true. A Very Merry Un-Birthday too. To You.

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    • Time to make the pancakes 🙂 Oh wait… is this Alice is Wonderland…? Perfect!

      Everyday is Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Valentines Day & a Birthday! All rolled up into, ONE. ❤

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  2. Oh Molly this was a wonderful ‘night cap’ ❤️ You!
    Blessings to you and your family! Happy Thanksgiving, and enjoy your time, as I know you will ☺️

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