Just Show Up

Break over, lol.  And my version of wordpress has a new button.  I just clicked on, write… and I AM!  So… where were we?  Oh, it doesn’t matter because we have shift, SHIFT, shifted so many times!  Wowziers.  Do/did you feel it, too?  As if a line in the sand and that is old and this is NEW.  It is a letting go of stories/drama/lifetimes of stuff.  While there are many of these moments on this journey, some seem more significant than others.  And..

No worries if you didn’t feel it… yet.  You can now or in the very near future.

This weekend I experienced being so present yet it felt fast and slow.  Real yet not.  No attachment, as if the observer.  It was also, freedom.  An opportunity to love, big and fierce… or even so gently with no second thoughts or need for it to be this or that.  Just being.  Physically I also felt energy moving and an inner chill yet heating up.

Tomorrow brings a new moon.  While it may feel or appear to be a time of darkness, it is not.  One pulls in and finds the light/way/truth.  And if you don’t see/feel/know, then you try again… and again/or just do your best.  You don’t give up or… whine/wine (well, trust that it does serve a purpose).  You trust in your power and the way.  This is what you came here for… to figure it out… and you will, with a little help from your friends/Spirit.  At times though we expect some big truth when, it’s already right here and now.  Unfolding right in front of us.  It comes though in all forms – messy, complicated, dramatic, surprise… and also in simplicity, peace, and bliss.  Ahh… let’s breath in the bliss.

Choose your role/vibration wisely and then choose again.  Reminders will also come.  I’ve found them in the sky (X’s, mini rainbows), animals I see (possum, deer, hawk) and in one sentence exchanges.  Like, bam/bingo… not by chance.  There are also moments where the veils are so thin.  Enjoy.

So for many, we just show up.  Some might not understand or see it as a chance or risk… yet we have to.  We allow miracles to unfold.  We have noting to loose and everything to gain.  We show up (in a new way) at work, in nature, in a store… even in our own home.  At a place that we don’t know, why.  Show up… open up… believe!  ❤

Hmm… something’s in the air this evening.  Buckle up kiddos…?


UPDATE:  Ha… a teaser because then it was down and out energy for an hour (yet may also be felt for the evening/early to bed).  Upgrade/integrate/reset.  We got this.


(Pics found online)

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