Regroup… then proceed


I’ve been staring at this screen for about ten minutes.  This is so not like me – I’ve often mentioned that passion/Spirit steers me to the keyboard and I just type.  It may be a reflection of the energy and at the same time I guess my mind is trying to make sense of the past week… month… year.  Like, wowziers!  Yet… I let go.  Last night was a busy night; awakening several times.  Sleep won though verses remembering.  I sat in meditation this morning and it was so quiet and peaceful.  While I love this, so often a message/knowing/direction will come.  I smiled knowing this is the new and it often starts quietly and in a state of peace.

I do get the sense that December is about whatever one needs to do/work through.  Much has been stirred up so it could be anything.  And yes, it can also be so simple.  It will be a month of gifts… yet they are often not as we think.  Energy is coming to assist many in creating… and I sense this will unfold with ease January – March.  So if you are struggling with anything now, stop.  Take a breath.  Trust.  Now/December is a time to rest, enjoy, discern as needed and do what you love.  The next few weeks might also deliver some (more) upgrades – remember self care.

I will say this is not the time to fall apart.  Well… I have no place to speak because I have forgetful moments and fall apart at times, too.  It can be a way for the light to enter.  Yet if one just slows down… 🙂  There are also many invitations right now to get caught up in something that might not be the best use of your energy.  Regroup and then proceed.

This is a time for us to grown, even more, into our own.  It might also be a time to do a self-esteem check.  This is not about ego but can be about healing, boundaries and choices/changes.  Remembering who you really are.  Moments may come where you need to ask yourself, what is best for you?  Amazing, wonderful, gifted YOU.  Doing what is best for you, is doing what is best for all.  From this place you work your special magic.


As the holiday season continues, it’s also about friends, family… and those we have yet to met.  I was of the generation where we were taught not to talk to strangers.  Ha!  I talk to just about anyone.  In my journey, I’ve discovered another is anything but a stranger; often earth angels.  So let’s keep our eyes, hearts and arms open.


And just because Thanksgiving has come and gone… I hope not the mindset or in your heart.  Proceed with gratitude…


Update:  This is the second time this week I’ve come back and added.  Hours of normal and then hours of what might be felt as tougher upgrading /mental/emotional/physical awakening.  So if you are feeling it too, it’s not just you.  It will bring up what needs to go or awaken, now.  Today, for me just this general malaise with a bit of being disoriented.  So a good time to watch a movie, curl up with a pet or just do your best if you’re working/have stuff that’s planned/needs to happen.  Love and pace yourself through it.  Please do let me know how your doing 🙂

4 comments on “Regroup… then proceed

  1. Oh I’ve got to regroup… spine is so tender! I’ve had a lot of the ‘Mack truck’ syndrome before, this is SO DIFFERENT, AND GRABBED MY ATTENTION….SELF NUTURING MISS ANNETTE! 😑

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    • I had the back/spine 10 or so days ago and (this evening) that too is BACK, ha… good pun. New knowledge/support. It is so coming and going and when I feel good I write and tend to forget and then… down and out for a few hours. Are we having fun yet? lol I remember the Mack truck from the summer. You are doing great Annette and thanks for checking in. <3!!!

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