Healing Backwards


I AM… sorry I have been away.

I am sorry that I wasn’t strong enough… to see, to know.

I allowed all the old stories to stand as truth.  I didn’t realize I had to power to change this.

And I certainly couldn’t see the depths of your story… nor the pain.

I am sorry I allowed the pain to win… for to long.

How foolish… selfish… just plain petty or stupid of me.

Yet a moment came… and I allowed love to win.  Knowing and overtaken by it.  And it blossomed.

That was all that mattered now.

In the end, all that matters is love.

How divine to experience that here and now.  To remember.  Yet even if we hadn’t have shared this moment now, we would realize it again and again… since all stories start and end in love.  We get to decided what falls in the middle.

Forever grateful.  Forever love.


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