This concludes the test of the…

emergency broadcast system Haha… oh Spirt, I love your sense of humor since I do remember 11 days earlier.    … in the event of a real emergency…?  Gheez, I think many have had enough this past month/year/life.  I will say that when Spirt gives a warning/heads up/hint hint… we can’t panic/stress/worry.  We are way past that.  We roll with it.  We know it’s for our healing/growth/expansion/evolvement.  This is what we do… and do well.

This past week has been a strange mix for me.  I feel healings, processing and upgrades going on.  I also have these split second a-ha/great wisdom that slips in yet then it’s gone.  There is no sense in trying to make sense out of any of it.  It will all settle.  All of this used to happen slower yet now it does seem that just when it seems over, another process/moment starts – multidimensional, yup!  I’ve kept a notebook for years to help me capture, summarize and review what I experience yet I’m finding I’m not writing as much down now and the amnesia factor seems to be high.

So I smile, proceed and think we now return you to your regularly scheduled program already in progress…?  Well, if so… we are not the same.  Paths and timelines are now different.  One might not see this yet.  With every hunkering down we do, there comes a time to do the opposite.  So get ready LOVES and LIGHTS… because all paths are supported.  I’m not sure how many more rounds we will morph through but I do know this is for our benefit and 2017.  I know all there is, is now but I am quite curious 🙂

One may need more sleep now… ear ringing, yup.  Oh the list could go on.  Let this unfold.

8 comments on “This concludes the test of the…

  1. Hello Molly,
    Sorry I took a break from reading your blog. At times something explainable tells me I cannot read a post. Usually after a while I will be drawn to it and it will be read in the perfect time for me. As I said, I had insomnia last night. I am handling it well, but even better knowing I am not alone. Sometimes, the Universe needs to prove to me just how long I can go without sleep and still be sane. Hopefully it does not come to that. Yet, I have gone two days unable to sleep and been sane so one day should be fine. I plan on taking a lot of melatonin tonight. I took lots last night and didn’t get much actual sleep. However, it keeps me calm so I can rest and not worry. I didn’t quite have enough energy to do a meditation for long.

    I remember on an Angel Academy call, Matt Kahn telling a caller that they needed to give themselves permission to feel rested even if your consciousness does not sleep. I repeated those words many times last night. I did not stress about work early in the morning. I just did my best to rest.

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    • REST… not read (my silly blog), lol. You are wise for taking breaks!
      I have found times more recently where I don’t seem to sleep yet rest and it seems to do the same thing. I’ve read, in the past, that one doesn’t need sleep but I’m not there yet. A lot of great things happen in sleep, too. I had several insomnia nights but luckily that has passed and sleeping better now. Thanks for Matt’s words… and commenting… and reading. All we can do is our best and that is more than enough. ❤

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      • I couldn’t rest much when I was reading your Blog. I was in the down time at work. After work, I got food, ate waiting for the bus, went home, got ready for bed, and slept… 16 hours of sleep. So I’d say I rested. Now I am waiting for my morning medication to process so I can have breakfast after 3:21 PM. I just kept sleeping as long as I could, each time I woke I continued to sleep. I woke many times thirsty. Good thing I had put a water bottled next to my bed.

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  2. No, not literally…just having difficulty straddling 3D/5D, which has left me feeling a bit discombobulated, to say the least!
    I have had the Floating, but its been quite awhile, I would welcome that again 🙂

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  3. Boy you sure did hit the ‘nail on the head’….THANK YOU!! I really needed this….like TODAY!! This Chickie has been spinning out of control :p
    ❤ and Gratitude my friend!

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    • Literally spinning…? I ask because I’ve had that experience and can reference a post. It (like a lot of this) was a bit of a surprise to me. At times it’s hard to “ground” the energy. Floating is fun… spinning, well, I didn’t enjoy that one so much. Gratitude and joy to you Annette. ❤


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