Angel Number 409


Oh I love how Spirit gets messages across.  I had a very specific question before I feel asleep.  I awoke at 4:09 a.m.  I chuckled since 409 to me is…


And this was the first picture I found online – the deep cleaning verses the all purpose, lol.

I love numerology.  The 4 represents stability to me.  Like a chair or a table.  It is supporting something… and if one leg is off/short/wobbly, well…

The 9 represents completion to me… so that we can get to a 1 – a fresh start.

So much of this journey is about remaining present and cleaning up any mess one is in/has made.  Don’t panic/procrastinate – it’s worth it.  Often we don’t realize the gems that surrounds us.  They just need a bit of self-care/polishing/maintenance.  This tidying up progress can be internally, externally or both.  Most important is your body/house.

In saying this though, I remember years ago reading about purity/purification and the spiritual journey.  I did pause because what I read didn’t seem to settle well with me.  It was like one had to do this and that and then this… step/process to “ascend”.  I’ve discovered we are pure/perfect, right here and now.  No diet/process/mediation/etc. has to be done.  Yes… at times small and even big changes are need to be made but Spirit/The Universe loves and supports us in all choices.  Allow your gut/Spirit to guide you.

Regardless… even if one has taken great care of their vessel, it is a bit hard on us here.  Yet our body is resilient and amazing.  We are also clearing and awakening lifetimes of dormant stuff.  And… this, too, shall pass – the moments where our body adjusts.

So for me right now, I am feeling it in my upper throat area.  It’s been coming and going for a week now.  At first I thought this was tied to that chakra and speaking my truth… yet, do you read my blog?  Haha… I do just about every day.  Spirit has advised me to think higher than the traditional/old school meaning here.  So I remain open.  I do think it ties into the light upgrades and what will be needed as the next few months unfold.  I am at a point where I can’t overthink these symptoms.  I trust, honor and move along.

So, if needed, ponder on what can you let go of now for 2017.  What isn’t serving you.  Simple is best.  I love the definition for the word, purgeto rid (someone) of an unwanted feeling, memory, or condition, typically giving a sense of cathartic release.  The release makes way for the light.  The joy/bliss/awesomeness.  Bring it!!    ❤

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