Thank you Rain


I am sitting on porch writing this morning.  There is a steady rain.  I think back to a year or two ago when a day like this symbolized a release day.  A day to pause, reflect and let go.  Now though I am smiling.  I will be honest, I didn’t sleep much last night.  Very light sleep, more like a rest.  Yet my soul, mind and body are happy.  I am trying to remember all the little tidbits I wanted to pass along but maybe that’s not the point in this moment.  Maybe just sharing this peaceful and rejoicing energy is.

With all of the wildfires that have been burring in several state in the US, I now have a new appreciation for rain.  My prayers and at times actions have gone out.  If this didn’t affect you, think symbolic here.  Now is a time to cool everything down.  To see what remains.  We are now walking on new earth yet it has always been here… we just couldn’t see it.  Some of the (ground) clutter needed to be removed and for some an acceleration happened.

Remember that you are a powerful manifestor.  You are always bringing to you what you need next.  Do you have a strange sense of humor?  Possibly.  It’s all for your growth/evolution/a-ha.  From that you make changes and try again.  Now also seem to be a time of pep talks… possibly starting with yourself.  If you’ve found yourself in a rut… well… how is that serving you…?  Be gentle yet remember your power.

You are water/rain.  There is no place you can’t go.  This is about, flowing.  And your actions do have a ripple affect.


In gratitude, love and service.  Blessing.


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