Spiritual Journey = Patience

Well, a spiritual journey = a lot of things.  Alrighty lights and loves… how is everyone doing?  The energy for me the past two days has been a bit higher and I feel as if I am coming back online.  I am typing faster since I don’t seem to be agreeing with electronics.  I’ve already shorted out my laptop yet it restarted – yah!  I had this happen a few months ago, too.  You might be seeing this with lights (dimming, blowing bulbs), microwaves acting strange, cell phones, TV, etc.  All this energy.

Many have been anchoring in new templates/aspects/timelines/guides.  For some they might be saying, again…?  Yes!  We do this, again and again.  It takes however long it takes.  It is for our advantage.  A pattern might be getting to a point where you ask for a change/have completed the task(s) at hand… then don’t even realize it, until you do, that you’re in a purge/release… anchoring in a new and then a period of silence.  Each of these steps used to last for weeks/months/even years yet now seem to generally be happening faster.

Then the fun starts yet again.

I seem to be having more lucid dreams and the broken sleep (a few hours here and there), that’s been going on seems to be the key.  While I love 8 straight hours, I just don’t remember as much.  Taking a nap – bam!

I had another bathroom dream and in this dream, it then became an inception moment.  The dream taking me to yet another dream and another.  Reminding me how many bathroom dreams I’ve had in my life.  Wowziers.  Bathroom dreams can symbolize privacy, being exposed/seen, or needing to release (pressure)/letting go.  While I could have easily dismissed what seemed like an odd dream, once I wrote it down, the a-ha’s/fun started.  See what you “wash your hands of” and other clues like who’s with you, size of restroom, décor, how you feel, etc.

And I’m also finding that the miscellaneous/junk emails are speaking to me again.  The tag lines are just too perfect.

In some ways, I get the sense that these next few holiday weeks may be a bit like Thanksgiving/these past few weeks.  Possible reunions, events, do overs… well, life as it plays out.  You are different though.  Let’s say some fine (or possibly grand) tuning before we get rocking and rolling in 2017.


More anchoring/upgrades, too, so pull away as needed.  Simple, less, savor!

And if your house/family members are ascending too… wowziers!  While you might not think they are…  Many right now need space, sleep… and love!

In closing, I’ll share a moment I had the other day.  As I crossed paths with another, a statement was made.  Well… since your spiritual journey didn’t quite work out… 

What?!  haha  I just smiled.  It is easy to judge or label what we don’t understand.  It was a brief yet telling/teachable moment for both.  I’m not sure what another equates as a successful spiritual journey.  For me it has been a huge success yet I can’t say that word would even be used.  And it is a very active and ongoing process.  This is not a weekend retreat or hobby… it’s a way of being.  For me it’s not about manifesting millions or anything instant yet… we are getting to that part.  Let’s just say, magic and what’s important and real, will happen.

So I leave you with a question to ponder.  Are you having someone else’s life here… or your own wonderful, powerful, divine experience?


Okay kiddos… the sun is out, blue skies… let’s start living, even more.  Breathe, open, practice, play… <3.


Update:  Higher heart energy… a little floaty, too 🙂  One may also find a day of non stop eating/snacking and then not needing so much.  Keep hydrated though and stretch.

 UPDATE #2:  Lots of portals open today.  Also a lot of synching up.  The groups/connections are getting stronger 🙂  Confirm by reaching out in your reality.

Pictures found online.  Art by painter, Vladimir Kush… ❤

5 comments on “Spiritual Journey = Patience

  1. Yep, iPad is challenging my patience, and last evening I dimmed/blew out my lamp that I was sitting by…oh my, the ENERGIES ARE HIGH! 😜

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  2. Thank you for the advice. I do need to stretch. I have slept much better the last few days. I turned back on my Fan so I could have the white noise. I had turned it off because a Fan on my face all night in cold weather was giving me a head cold. Somehow I got so used to having that wind in my face that I sleep much more deeply with it.

    The last two nights I have not even needed Melatonin. I am saving that for Friday night (hopefully, I will not need it before then.) I try not to take it every night. So that it will be extra effective when I do need it.

    I need to get a white noise machine that uses real wind. The recordings of white noise can be annoying to me because of how artifical ​they sound.


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  3. I don’t understand why someone would say your spiritual journey has not worked out?! Still living a life earth and not dead yet…much to accomplish and learn 😀

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    • Great to here from you Lana! Yes. Alive and breathing = spiritual success 🙂 Maybe because I wasn’t driving an expensive car…?? lol Some look at it as a phase or like trying to be an artist/musician and when was I returning to the “real” world. All divine moments/reminds along the way. So much to be grateful for and look forward to. Have a Great day!!

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