Braided Soul

I was taking a moment to reflect on this past year.  Wow does and doesn’t cover it.  I’ve changed and learned/remembered, a lot.  While I write and share often, I don’t write about everything.  So, to be honest I wasn’t going to publically write on this.  Yet, I remember what it felt like when it happened and if someone had shared… maybe I would have listened/read.  Maybe… it would have resonated.  For me, understanding is huge.  Then my mind relaxes and moves along with my heart, soul and the Universe.  I guess though, that if for nothing else, this is to my younger self. 

Seven years ago I remember a day.  It was a very busy day, almost if planned that way.  I was to be in a holiday parade with my children and extended family; a first.  A festive day and a lot of excitement in the air.  Marching bands, floats, waving watchers, candy flying through the air, lights, bagpipes… almost a blur.

Yet, I remember feeling… out of body.  This was a time in my life where I was reading spiritual books and believed but trust that I hadn’t gotten to this level.  I certainly didn’t know what was happening.  At first I wondered if my blood sugar was low… or assumed I was tired… or high on life?  At one point I wondered if I was dying… is this what it feels like… a near death experience or… … was I being abducted by aliens?  I just didn’t have a reference and it seemed to last the entire parade – hours.

I told no one.  I was just so happy to be alive/feel normal again as the day wound down.  While I pretty much dismissed the incident, I hadn’t forgotten it.  As if filed away under, bizarre!  For almost a year though I continued to have OOB experiences.  They were always brief, like five seconds.  Yet five seconds can be very long when you are giving a presentation to a large group and out of no where, you know you are OOB.  Or in a meeting and all of a sudden you feel it coming and then as if on cue, it’s your turn to speak… yet you can’t.  Or I couldn’t because I was in such shock; as if in two places at once.  The Universe seemed to want me to know that something was going on.

Because of these moments, I went to the doctor.  I really didn’t have anyone who understood this from a spiritual perspective to guide me in another way and I didn’t know how to/nor have the time to research or even reference this necessarily as a spiritual experience.  A bit baffled, humbled and concerned, I wondered if I had some sort of neurological problem.  It was a challenge to explain my “symptoms” of zoning out, loss of speach, being able to see and hear my life as I observed it, completely removed from it.  So several tests were ordered and I became another worried well patient since the tests said I was, “normal”.

So fast forward seven years.  If you read along, you do know much of my story – particular these past few years.  I wrote this post in August and continued on.  Basically another bizarre moment yet by now I’d had many and a new perspective/knowledge base.  Then, weeks later, an explanation came.  Spirt always comes back around if I need to know more.

For several years now, I’ve had an amazing connection with my soul, higher self, Source and many different energies.  I’ve admitted I’m a mutt because I hold many aspects (many do).   Shaman, mermaid/Atlantis, Angelic, Dimensions, Masters… well it all resonates with me.  I am also very human.  I was though a bit surprised when I realized I had a braided soul (aspect) accompany me these past seven years.  What I didn’t know then was there would be some very challenging times ahead and as if this was additional support as I awakened in 2012 and lived.  And this braid/aspect was released yet not before it helped me one last time, whispering for me to wait at that stop light (a prior post).

So I did some research on soul braids.  While this info was slim to none years ago, it is more ample now.  There are just so many ways to have a spiritual experience.  There are so many ways to describe and they’re all correct.  To each their own.  I guess though I wanted to say, the experience can be easily dismissed… subtle… and very normal.  Many of us are pretty normal yet, not  😉

And… let’s take this a step further.  One can merge/become their soul/higher-self  AND have a soul braid or even a walk-in/out, soul exchange experience.  I personally went through a period where I felt like I was changing soul aspects often.  This journey is about unlimited… variety… what would blow your mind.

One can google/seek what they need/turn inward.  I had to be told.  A moment/question I had, well, I had to wait seven years (till the process was over) to get an answer.  When Spirit speaks to me, it resonates… unlocks the truth.  My whole body feels it and at the same time, releases it.  Since this happened weeks/months ago, I’ve already moved on.  It’s as if it doesn’t matter.  We are here and now… living and loving… and sharing so another can have their own very best experience, too.  It does seem though that the soul merge/exchange theme seems to be running strong right now.

If you feel you are having this type of experience, do reach out.  Find your kind.  You are more normal than you think.  While I love/respect the medical and mental health arena… they are not set up/prepared for a mass awakening.

Feel free to comment or email.  And I will also mention Dayna’s sites, living life in between and a walkin life as a resource… ❤    (although you may already follow along there).


Afterthoughts:  I chuckled… I’ve always loved a parade.  So yes, perfect.  Spirit also shared:  You would not have been told of this in Heaven.  Ah… interesting indeed.  I do understand some souls spend much time on another side.  Visiting here and there, remembering and working in different ways.  While I love the realm of Heaven, maybe not all answers are there.  I guess it’s all about what one believes.

9 comments on “Braided Soul

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  2. I love this Dayna, and reading of your multi dimensional experiences. I have not felt a Soul braid as such, but am aware of my various physical personalities all living their own lives and a connection thread between us all. I am thrilled that we humans/ star people are limitless and yes the “normal” world will catch up 1 day. I finally embrace my “weird” and don’t really care what others think, as I’m having fun lol!

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    • Hello Heron Grace… it’s Molly. Dayna was kind enough to reblog (which she rarely does). So I am honored and it’s nice to connect and read your words. Keep having FUN! ❤


  3. Apparently experiencing a soul-braid here, too, for at least (actual time period unknown) for the last two to three years. And also experiencing soul integration with Higher Self. It’s quite crowded in this little body! Thanks for writing about this process that more and more people will be consciously experiencing and undergoing in the days to come…

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    • Thank you for your words. I really do appreciate. And I have felt that crowded feeling! I think in the past one might experience one or the other but now we are multiD and realizing/remembering, more. <3!!

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  5. Oh my dear Molly, what a profound experience! I resonate, and have been called weird, that bothered me for sometime, but NOW, I’m SO O.K. 💞

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