First, a quick energy update.  There seems to be some get er done energy that came in last night.  The little things that seem to be put to the side, well, it’s time to clean our plate/surface.  It may have been a restless/rest less night as a lot seems to be going on.  If you’re feeling energy today, use it to your advantage.  This energy is not always ideal for starting new projects but awesome for clearing space.  Ahh.  There is something magical in the air.  I felt it last night and it continues this morning.  Well, always.

One may be feeling a variety of physical sensations (ha, as my right foot buzzes).  And while it’s 12/12 and much has been written on this power date (as well as 12/21, 12/26, 12/29… gheez seen several), keep in mind that every moment is a power moment 🙂  Whether you feel these or not, you are doing what’s in accordance to your plan.

So, also tying in…

As I continue on my journey, I realize how I’ve overthought, much.  Things people said, did, what I said and did, and even my own spiritual journey.  It’s very easy to do as one learns to become present and vigilant in seeing/understanding signs, etc.

I have often said, whatever you are feeling or thinking, is what you are healing/processing.  Overthinking does serve a huge purpose in this journey.  Yet, it seems to be the opposite of Spirit.  Spirit moves/flows/is easy/knowing.

Our mind is a gift yet we learn to use it differently.

Overthinking is not discerning/pondering/daydreaming/loose thinking.  It tends to throw one in a loop of compulsive thought when our mind really wishes to spring/wire in a new direction.


Okay, that’s a long enough list (and I like lists, haha).

In my early 20’s I heard of meditation but it wasn’t me for.  I didn’t have time for that.  I didn’t start till I was in my late 30’s and had to find my own ways.  Then I realized, I had been meditating since my 20’s 🙂  Meditation basically frees my mind.  It calls me, present… and accounted for.  In calmness… stillness, everything becomes so clear.  Can it take a bit of practice?  Yes.  Find the moments for they can be, sublime.


We’ve had some brain/mind/3rd eye/crown updates the past few days and they can seem like brain fart moments/forgetfulness/zoning out.  Keep blinking and breathing.

So… I will not overthink this post.  Enough for now.  If you need to overthink… overthink on happiness, joy and bliss.  Better yet, just be it.

❤ and blessing to all.


(All pics found online)

4 comments on “Overthinking

  1. I have caught up… with my slow reading speed that took a while. Sorry for the continuous beeps on your phone as I liked things. Liking is how I keep track of what I have and haven’t read. If I read something all the way through it deserves a like!

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  2. Thanks Molly, and I certainly have all the signs! I will follow your advice and overthink on happiness, joy and bliss!!
    Feeling energetic today, so will go ‘make hay, while the sun is shining’ lol
    ❤️ YOU!

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