Wave after powerful Wave

The past few days have been amazing sunrises and sets.  I’ve been getting lost in the moments… yet, I am far from lost.  I feel as if I have never been more right on.  It’s as if the Universe has been speaking to me/us in these moments.  They are powerful, profound… yet not all will understand.  The other evening I was overcome with such a sense of knowing and peace…

I would have been fine if that was my last moment.  Yet… we are far from done here.

Really I didn’t expect anything with yesterday being 12/12.  I learned several years ago I tend to beat to my own drum/heartbeat/music… yet it all leads back to one.  Several months ago I also seemed to stop pushing my journey along.  Yet, can I say that the push/drive/knowing did get me to where I am.  It’s as if I had to.  And in addition, I realize again and again just how fortunate I am.  I’ve had/am having, the experience.  We all are.  You could call it awakening, embodying… a spiritual experience… or even a wonderful life 🙂  And if you follow along, you know it’s, in moments, like that 1940’s movie.  It’s also becoming more like the movie, Lucy.

I’ve had the steps/stages of soul work/retrieval, balancing the Divine feminine and masculine, channeling and then embodying my higher self and then Master.  Balancing soul aspects as well as multiple realities and energies.  Anchoring, awakening and upgrading a light body/Universe.  Each one of these steps has been intense and amazing.  So humbly I say that I don’t need, more.  And while it may seem easy for me to say… any of these steps is enough.  My mind honestly would have been fine with just the first one (that was huge) but my soul seemed to have another plan.  I had no knowledge of any of this years ago; it’s just unfolded… and will continue to do so.

It’s not that I ever asked for any of this.  Yet I did.  Years ago I asked to feel good/happy again… for life to make sense.  And this is how the Universe taught me.  It can also be simple.  Many don’t need any of this to have a spiritual experience/journey.

This morning I came to the word, PURPOSE as I watched the rising sun.  That word was one of many that started my journey.  Along with the, why word.  More like, WHY…??!!  or wtf… seriously?   When I started this blog, I wrote several posts on purpose and getting to one’s dream.  I admitted I had a hard time remembering what my dream/original knowing was.  Now I seemed to know on an even deeper level.  Like, this moment was my dream/goal/purpose.  While we do/experience a lot here, just awakening can be a huge part of our purpose.  Yet we forget this.  The answer to the purpose question is also often so simple, the one who is seeking the answer just won’t get it.


Yet, we have to ask.  It starts the process.  And as for the question of, who am I…?  lol.  While I could say we are love… and an infinite cosmic being…  we still have no clue here.

So yesterday I had a series of things to do.  I’d been feeling an energetic energy for over a day – the incoming full moon- and then it switched to the bliss energy.  It used to be that I needed to keep things simple when this energy hit as it was new to me.  Yet yesterday I was able to go/do/hold/maintain/be.  This has been the way for months now.  In upgrades or bliss… we live.  We get out there.  We do self-care and pull in often but our cave time is over.

So in my physical travels yesterday, I was aware again and again of struggle/pain/hardships of this life.  It was as if the Universe was pointing out the multiple realities/moments that play out.  And as I checked my facebook feed… again it was showing many have not had an easy time with this more recent energy.  Trust that I, too, have been there and could be there at any given moment.  No one is exempt.  Ascending can make life easier but don’t let your ego trick you into thinking you have this all figured out.

By the end of the day, I was getting these teaser like messages.  I found myself almost pacing as I noted – often saying, wow.  While we have, shifts… and jumps… I was now like, what just happened?  Accelerated indeed.  Yet also quickly understanding the word choice of, dropping a template.  It was as if anything I’ve previously written/experienced was oh so removed/old/done.  I also thought of the meaning/symbolism of Christmas in a very new way.

The messages I received again pointed out that this process takes years (and in some senses decades/lifetimes) and so much happens yet we don’t consciously know/understand… until we do.  I’ve written on my moments as I’ve stumbled into creating/turning on a light body.  Well.. now…

While words were provided, I need to process.  I started to do a bit of homework online yet what I read didn’t (totally) resonate.  This is not new.  We are though.  We bring it.  Hello wayshowers/forunners/lightworkers/teachers/bloggers.  This is what we came here for.

And as if on cue… a reminder.  As the energy/messages faded, I step outside to look at the almost full moon.  I was greeted by, fog.  My sign for go slow… something might not be seen yet.  The mystery/mystic.  And then I heard an owl – letting go of an older version so wisdom can surface.  Yet then there was a moment of stillness.  Stillness is different than silence.  Even in silence, I still hear/am aware of sounds (like they are muted).  In stillness, as if a set/zero point, there is nothing.  In these moments, it all starts again.

So let’s continue to keep our eyes, ears, minds, hearts and arms open.

I do wish to share… the waves/upgrades will continue.  They can be felt, differently… depending upon what stage/set you’re in.  At times there seems to be an energy hangover/withdrawal afterwards.  They are not too pleasant yet very effective.  One has been raised up; at the crest of the wave to then be returned to the body of the water.  Spirit reminds and we do our part, here and now.  And the tube… well, riding in it, it is bliss.  Honor it for not all get this experience.

And ha, I found both of these diagrams a bit symbolic 🙂

One now needs to work/play/swim through their reality.  You do the best you can and that is enough.  And then another wave comes.  Singing…


Are we having fun yet?  Swimming in Mastery, LOVE…?   These guys (video) look like they are having FUN!  Find it in joy.  ❤

6 comments on “Wave after powerful Wave

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  2. Molly, you speak to my heart! The messages! The knowing, but also the unknown. The great paradox. I so resonate with the cave time is over. I too have been feeling that way for a while. Thank you for sharing as always.

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