Ascending or Descending?


If you follow along your know my perspective on awakening.  While it often is a defining moment, it’s also a process that can last the rest of your life here.  Once the initial awakening happens, we have many more invitations and at times, it can seem like just about every day.  Even in each new, blink. 

I was once asked, how awake are you…?  Oh, good/interesting question.  Know that we are as awake/open as we allow and this unfolding, beautifully.

On occasion I use the word ascending – so many use and look for it.  I have though had moments in which I pause knowing that it isn’t quite the right word but… close/good enough.  Spirit often helps if I need another word choice and I haven’t heard another thus far so, best to keep it simple, lol.  Yet, sometimes word semantics, matter.

A few weeks ago, I heard the word descending yet it went right over my head.  Until… I received a message that I knew I needed a bit more time with.  I can usually receive a message and roll with it right away but at times, really there is no rush.  So I’m processing it in segments.  My mind seemed to question… well then are we ascending… or descending…?  What does all of this mean?  Well… the short answer is, both.  They do overlap and one might not even know it.  Ghee, I certainly didn’t.

Really, this isn’t that important yet with understand, our mind relaxes and we move along.  So, how can I state this simply?  Ascending is… connecting to Spirit/the far greater. From these moments/experiences often change happens.  It does (to our mind) seem like a path/steps as we ascend/journey on.  One may resonate with pictures like these:


Yet often there will be times of descending… because this is what we came here for.  This is allowing a higher aspect (of our self) to come back with us.  Yet one might not even realize it and feel it as separation.  This is embodying and all those upgrades/changes we go though.  Creating a spiritual/light body.  Living a more soul full life.

I did receive a visual the other night as I was falling asleep.  Interesting since I’d just looked at similar pictures.  The wave pattern.  Spirit was saying ascension is one following the pattern from the left to the right.  The peak experiences (connecting with) and then returning to our reality – often with work to do.

Descention though is following the pattern from the right to the left… backwards.  One can drawn or take their finger to help their brain understand the process.  And interesting since it makes infinity signs and sure does look similar to dna.


Maybe it’s about the energy and this is the energy/process it takes to awaken our (dormant) dna… 🙂

What this also reminded me of was a process I had some time ago with my chakras.  Over months it seemed like I slowly worked from my root to crown.  I was ready for the next and assumed it would be on upwards or outward.  Instead, it took me from crown to root (and a few more months).  Let’s just say, Spirit is very though.

So this is not to make it any more complicated… it’s just there’s a lot more going on here than we often realize.  And so many ways to describe it.  Maybe ascension appeals to our mind.  Makes one feel as if we’re making progress/reaching a goal.  Yet that really is a 3D/old way.  Spirit loves and accepts us wherever we are in this journey… remember?  🙂

Through the constant expanding and contrasting, ebb and flow, we shed many a skins.  While much is written on glorious ascending (it is indeed), what if the truth/joy is in the descending… right here and now… ❤


(Pics found online)

Ha, later also found this:  and

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8 comments on “Ascending or Descending?

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  4. Well, I think I recall hearing the word Descending a few weeks back. I didn’t think much of it, as I have learned over many years to dismiss the random things I rarely sense in my mind. I took it as a negative word so assumed it was not worth looking into. Many years ago… over 10, I’d walk down the street and hear negative words like ‘bitch’ randomly pop into my head. So I learned to dismiss such things if I view them as at all negative. Yet, you showed me I might have misunderstood.


    • Ha… I am still catching up with emails/comments/etc. days later. All I’ve heard for years was ascending yet a while back I struggled with the word choice. While descending might sound negative to how we used to think… haha… everything is backwords/backwards. The word/thought/explanation helped yet then we move along, again. And again, thank you for reading 🙂 ❤

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  5. Molly I resonate with this deeply. I too agree it is both. As we expand our consciousness (our ascension) we are also descending with this awareness so we may anchor it. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, so I would think descending with this knowing (knowledge) will help us to experience the heavenly realms without physically leaving our bodies.

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