High on Photonic Light


Good morning Lights and Loves!  How are you?  It’s cold here yet warm heart as I watched another amazing sunrise this morning.  The past few days have been a bit different for me.  Yesterday I came to the words of, I am high on photonic light.  It’s been a while since we discussed this as I stumbled into it.  Now, can I just tell you… it is real!  While years ago I gravitated to the word choice of being a lightworker, I didn’t know we were going to get literal.  I pause to say, wow…

It has been a process – years of clearing/upgrading/anchoring.  It’s often felt in stages/waves on the outside and then on the inside.  It can feel intense so we practice.  It does stabilize and in time it becomes who we are.  We are high on energy/life… we glow.

It’s like fiber optics.  Remember when that change came for many of us in upgrades to our life with our phone/computer service?  Fiber optics transmits messages via light wave technology verses traditional communications lines.  The lines are smaller yet faster and can handle/carry more information.  A good analogy as our body is doing the same.  I remember years ago being at work when they came to run the new lines.  It was a mess and ended up taking a bit of time.  Several employees commented that what we had was good enough and didn’t like the disturbance/interruption of service.  Ha – quite symbolic.  Yet, it was worth it.  We just could see that at the time.  We had nothing to compare it to.

Patience my loves.

So as I switch gears here a bit… (some good grounding energy).

The past few days have also been full of animals signs.  A week or so ago, twice a Buck (masculine nature) jumped in front of my vehicle.  Luckily in divine timing so that we both continued on in our path.  Yesterday it was a Doe (feminine nature).  I’ve been hearing Owls at night (wisdom yet also a sign for the old is being archived).  Then last night it was a strange sound coming from a wooded section.  I came in to google animal sound to discover it was a fox bark.  Ahh, I’ve had foxes cross my path here, too.  Quick, skillful… yet one can also think nocturnal or even trickery.  Hmm… what does the fox say…?  That quirky/fun song.  Animals are messengers and assist us as a sign, reminder and to ground energy.  Each holds a vibration and medicine.  If you get a chance, practice listening to a bird’s song.  In time you will hear 🙂

So this will be short.  Working on a variety of other posts.  It’s great to be alive and share.


(pics found online)


Note to self and sharing article on 2012-12017 wave & photon belt by Angela Barnett:  https://www.facebook.com/KeeperOfThePlatinumRay

“The Light needs the Sound.” and “We have gone through the Eye of the Needle of the Cosmic Core of Reality to braid our DNA into the Cosmic Frequencies of…” and many more Bingo’s for me!

And, even more:  http://photonichuman.weebly.com

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