A New Front Rolls In

Well… one thing is clear.  While yesterday was a cold 35 degrees here, today it’s 20 – yikes and freeze (symbolism).   I am part mermaid so like 70 would be nice.  The day started with another amazing sunrise yet I’ve photo’d most morning this week so I just enjoyed it.  Then this front/Front.  Ahh…  Anchoring.  For those who follow along, you know I often go into muse mode as I allow it to unfold so… here we go.

Geese are also migrating… in packs, symbolic.  My other signs have been shoes untied and covers (a variety) that before held nice and snug, now seem to be coming/popping off.  Hmm…

This week has been powerful for me and trying to keep up with the amount of information that is incoming/awakening/now available…  I’ve had to remind myself.  There is no rush.  I feel as if I could write many posts each day yet… balance is better.  I am trying to capture them in a notebook yet… one also has to live.

I’ve had several of these growth spurts moments.  Usually more so though, I felt the growing pains right before and then within days or weeks this, oh ya… but of course as everything clicked and made sense.

This past week… let’s just say the leap(s) have much bigger than I expected.  Heck, I don’t even know what I expected.  It’s hardly ever what I think and for me remaining open and being surprised works well.  There are so many energies that have been/are running right now:  Galactic, 12/12, 12/21, full moon, winter solstice, unity consciousness, etc.  Add in upgrades, viola!

I remember back in March/April when a larger energy wave came and I made several a-ha’s.   I now also believe I was anchoring in several timelines and running them both here and in other time/spaces.  It’s as if several of them have already been completed (enough) and have now fallen away.  And this will be true for many.  So much has taken place in just nine/completion months.  One of the themes though still remains as I’ll/we’ll grown into it.  For me, while I could have chosen a theme months ago (we have free will), I seemed to let the process run it’s course naturally.

On this journey one can start out clueless and asking a few questions which quickly can become 1001 questions.  It can become a rabbit hole or Pandora’s box indeed – music/jewels included.  I’ve had times where I feel like I send back to the Universe, okay… that’s what I can handle right now (although they know).

I am also humbled.  One can read yet when a message awakens in you… a deep knowing is now held.  While the Universe can tell you everything, often they don’t.  They remind you of just enough to get the ball rolling.  So I’ve started to research a few new topics.  I found myself pausing often and saying, wow.  I am grateful to forerunners who have left a path/legacy of information.

This is how it’s been for me for some time now.  We can craft what we receive/resonates in our own ways/style and then share.  We don’t always need to repeat verbatim although I have both loved this (and the styles available) and have myself quoted or separated the words feeling as if I needed to honor/respect the higher energy… or because it was just easier to do so… or because I couldn’t have said it any better, ever!  Now, some of the info coming in/on is ancient (for lack of a better word) and we can tailor it to fit our current dynamics.  Regardless, those who need to find it, will.  And… numbers don’t matter.

One of the topics has been on avatars.  Ha!  Oh Universe you are stretching me.  Like the movie…?  I started my journey in the angelic realm and as a medium.  Then as a channel yet I never felt the energy as alien/foreign.  To me, all of this is so normal.  With a few of the topics I’ve recently received, as I’ve gone to see what’s out there/online in 3D, it’s been labeled as everything from demonic, conspiracy, alien… or what seems like lower energy.  From my perspective, it’s far from that.  Maybe it was confusing before because the energies were lower.  Often what we don’t understand, we label and then push away.

So this is what we do.  We change the tide.  We show how it is so normal.  We unpack the boxes and present it in a new light.  As far as the avatar topic, for now I’ll share this and it seems to tie into my last post.


I’ve also been receiving messages for over a year about a grid.  Much has been written on the light, crystal and solar grids.  Anchoring points/vortex’s/portals… sacred geometry, knowledge held in the earth and rocks… it’s also stored in our dna and bones.  Some of the information I’ve received I can’t find anywhere… yet.  Basically, we are points on these grids and use them interchangeably – the tools and resources we need are here and now.  One must get out of lack mentality/energy to know.  For some, a great scavenger hunt/adventure will be starting.  New points are being added all the time and new sights will start calling to be activated.  So don’t dismiss those random messages you’ve received in the past, they might be called back up to the forefront now.  Often the Universe sends a test message/teaser to see what peaks our interest/energy.

All of this is very interesting because many of you know where I started my journey.  We have spent quite a bit of time just understanding, remembering, healing, clearing, and making changes.  Up, down, round and round.  This blog seems to morph again and again and I am so humbled/honored/tickled by so many of you who follow along.  I never would have guessed it would end up here… yet I also know this is just a moment/post.  The work we do is so vast… and we will continue to explore/play/move along.

So I think this is enough for now.  Thank you for reading.  Warmth and  ❤ as we anchor in the next forefront.


P.S.  Interesting… to be 65 tomorrow.  Mother Nature provides signs 🙂

Also sharing a gem I recently found.  A wealth of information can be found at Evenstar Creations.


6 comments on “A New Front Rolls In

  1. Last week I met with several friends for lunch/dinner, again all in the space of a week. That was just the forum. I just kept feeling that it was important that all of these meetings were happening right before the Winter solstice. Things just don’t normally happen like that with me. These are exciting times!

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    • Temps were 20 just a few days ago and today SUNny and 70!! In Heaven, right here and now. ❤ you soooo much!!
      And… time doesn’t matter. We seem to be sync ing a world/cosmic clock. Tic tock, all hearts connected.


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