We are clearing you for takeoff


I always love it when I crawl into bed and then Spirit starts whispering.  Usually though sleep wins.  I do keep a notepad by the bed and this was what I saw in the morning.  We are clearing you for take off.  I smiled.  If I hadn’t have noted it, I might have forgotten since so much does happen in our sleep state; at times a complete reset.  This message would be for all who may find yourself reading.  The take off will be in perfect Divine timing and the destination… Divine as well. 

So standby, air traffic control will guide; they have a higher/broader view.  The countdown might indeed be as the ball drops on New Year’s Eve.  Really it doesn’t matter, when… as to some extent this happens in each moment.

The past week for me has been amazing.  So much new energy.  So many new topics/remembrance has surface… and questions.  The desire to fully understand… and to share.  Yet this is working out, beautifully.  Truth is incoming/awakening.  Well, always.

I remember earlier this year experiencing the more powerful energy waves and often floating.  This past week has been pretty much non-stop energy of that level and fully living.  This energy (that usually only came in moments or for up to a few days) also seems to have the potential to last… as long as it needs to.  The Universe is aligning us to our new plans.

I’ve written on clearing one’s mental, emotional and physical body.  They each seem to be steps/stages yet also at times mix together.  I’ve heard of clearing the spiritual body but I wondered, why one would need to do that?  Isn’t the spiritual body already perfect/as it should be?  Well… here and now it seems that a spiritual body in a human body can also need a bit of clearing/assistance.  So this energy also seems to be running strong as we close out 2016.  It may be sensed more as one rests so there’s nothing that one has to do… other than relax and open up 🙂

I’ll share that I’ve had a few morning where I’ve awoken feeling as if I’ve been in a battle/disagreement/working hard.  It’s taken me a few minutes to get acclimated.  My days have gone by quickly and been so happy/amazing.  So know that your light warrior self always walks before you… resolving as much as they can (and leaving for you what they know you can handle).

I’ve noticed there seems to be a spot light on our new energy and that which we surround our self with.  You may notice more sensitivity… or that you just can’t be around certain people/places/things.  Even certain songs/tv programs/tones might make your skin crawl.  It’s as if we are craving the highest vibration or nothing.  Honor your energy, for it is a gift.

In doing some online homework over the past week, I was again reading that this process (which could be given many names so let’s just say, awakening) takes 7 years.  I clearly remember the moment I would call my awakening.  While I had moments of remembering/being dialed in/living a spiritual life, 2012 hit me like a lightening bolt.  So I was asking Spirit, does it really take 7 years (making “completion” haha 2019)?   I am aware that it really doesn’t matter.  The answer back was a bit of a mix.  It can happen in an accelerated fashion.  I was also seeing quick flashes of a handful of events that happened prior to 2012 that the Universe suggested was part of my awakening.  Back then I’d also just ended my relationship with a twin flame and I did make several conscious decisions.

I’ve been seeing signs/reminders that still much is being moved around.  I’m not seeing any concreate trucks in my reality so… allow some things to be up in the air.

And while this might seem random, I’ll also add this to the mix.  There is an energy of… well, let’s just say that NO ONE dislikes/hates you.  What one may feel though is a bit of unresolved karma/left over residual energy.  Allow it to leave your energy field.  Think/choose the higher vibration/plan/knowing.  Remember, love… and at times this means self-love first.

I will also mention, Christ mas.  Can I share that this was a favorite holiday for me.  Yet the past two Christmas’s have been different… almost as if it was just another day.  If you follow along you know I believe that every day is/can be a 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s… or your Birthday.  Every day is a celebration.  I have a new understanding of this holiday and will embrace it yet again in new ways.  Wherever you are in your journey, embrace.

For many their job is to build their light body… and this alone.  No saving anyone else – just yourself.  This is a special time and sacred process.  I could say that not much will change in your reality until this process is complete yet that’s not entirely true.  It’s often the small yet non-stop process of change… seeing and knowing.

I’ve seen some energy on dates in 2017 yet this is not (or hasn’t been) my strong suite.  So I practice as I pass along January 10-11th, then March 17th (luck of the Irish/St. Patrick) and mid April.  I’ll keep you posted as to what these might mean.  Really, each moment/breathe is a gift!

So with this (now) solstice – a time where the sun stops and starts again in a different direction…could it be a mirror?  Some may feel a few days that seem quiet… elongated… blasé.  Remain open and be prepared to/for the switch.  One may also continue to sail along and pull in much knowing.  Regardless, hold peace and… see what happens.

The path will be well marked.  You will know when it’s go time.  You have been well prepared.  🙂  ❤


(all pics found online)

10 comments on “We are clearing you for takeoff

  1. I’m sending you huge ((hugs))!!
    I have been wanting to email you but I am having issues with my email address. I may have to create a new one. If so I will let you know the new address.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha! I’ve been having computer issues for 2 weeks now. It is a miracle each day that I can get anything done. Spirit compared it to having Windows 8, then you upgrade to 10 (on the same “device”)… and at 1st they work great. Then, no so much and now it’s too late to remove Windows 10. Email/facebook/blog/laptop all quirky!


  2. Molly you touch on so many points in this post. I love it! I laugh because we are having work done in the basement of my office building starting today. What are they doing? Tearing down some walls and opening up the space! So symbolic! I have known I was in a shift for a few weeks and last week was experiencing what one might say was a “head cold”. But I knew it was all a part of this shift. I too am experiencing not being able to be around certain people’s energy at this time. Phew! But I try and keep my sense of humor through it all. You are amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • YOU, too, are Amazing! Thank you so much for reading/commenting… being a part of this amazing journey and my life. You so get me and warm my heart. Blessed. ❤


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