Wow!  I certainly wasn’t expecting this.  I am capturing this while it’s fresh so know that it’s new to me and understanding will come in time.  My dreams are becoming more and more lucid.  I am just up from a rest where I had a stargate dream/experience… and full of symbolism.  Even names were provided.  And I remembered it all.  A (this life/reality) teacher was instructing me on how to open one.  This is not the first time I’ve had a teacher/forerunner/liaison (that I’ve never met in the physical) work with me in the astral.  It’s happened many times and each time it’s as real to me as anything else I’ve experienced.  I am also eternally grateful each time it happens because I’ve been able to apply what they share to my life right away.

So… I looked up stargates and these pictures were indeed very close to what I saw.

What I saw though was a bit more personal.  Trust that, I got it!  It’s as if we each have our own design/signature/color/vibration/symbols.

I also then remembered that I had a dream several night ago of seeing a metal ring in the ground, as if in concreate.  It would be something just about anyone would ignore/walk over. Then it morphed and showed that underground it continued as a pipe and a wedding ring… ?  I was thinking of the symbolism.

I have not seen the movie, Stargate but caught up on the plot here.  Interesting since this movie was also brought to my attention a week ago.

As I went to note my dream, I was told I’d understand more as I looked and found the symbolism, as it was placed out there already in other’s work; certain word choices.  Well it didn’t take me long to find something that spoke to me.  I found this video yet now seem to go on a slight tangent.  If you’re in a hurry, skip ahead.

I had a choice.  If you follow along, you know I (still) don’t do certain tones/presentations.  For some reason they just don’t come with ease into my vibration.  Basically I don’t believe in aliens/spacecraft/how it’s portrayed.  Angels and Ancients, yes.  Really I guess it’s no different and just semantics at this point.  Love it all and to each their own.  There are so many ways to present the information.  And I guess this also ties into my perspective of seeing all of this as so normal.

So usually this tone (not labeling it as anything but some will understand), I used to shy away from.  For some reason it sounded artificial/alien to me.  It is though an Angelic message as stated.  I understand there’s a reason for this digital tone and that it helps to awaken aspects in many.  I’d bet binary beats (as my ears were clicking away) and I do love those.  Usually though I tend to read the words/transcript (if available) instead.  At times we need to process information in our own body/energy/way.  We remain open, take what serves us as often work shared is for, many.  So some parts may or may not resonate.  I often have to substitute some words.  We each have our own unique code; honor it.

The video was very helpful.  It weaves so many of the messages I’ve received yet can’t always restate with such ease/knowing.  I originally found it at this fellow wordpress sight:  A lot of information there. 😊

So what does all of this mean…?  Basically for me it was bringing a situation to my attention that I was aware of.  We all have them… possibly many.  A situation that we’re not quite sure what to do, if anything.  So we trust and move along.  Based upon the symbolism, I sense change will now happen and I see what my role might be.  I like to preface with, might since at times things play out a bit different here and we have free will.  I believe with opening a stargate it means to expect a quantum jump and that this situation is supported by the Universe more than I/We realize.

And could it mean more than this?  Oh, I AM sure!

To me and in this moment, opening a portal verses a stargate… there is a difference.  A portal seems like a set energy, you feel more in body, as in you shift/allow/walk right into it; a grounded experience.  A stargate seems out of body, more intense, far away, unlimited… as if it came through a wormhole.

So… Wow, wow… woW!   I will indeed have fun playing with this.  Oh how I love these moments.  And maybe you, too, have had or will soon have one of these moments.  Exciting!

And now we return you to your regularly scheduled program… ha, not!

Thanks for reading …  ❤


UPdate:  And I just checked my notebook.  Last night I wrote down, yet didn’t truly understand nor needed to… you can change so much in just a few short days… sleep on it… okay? 

UpDate #2:  As I awoke the next day, I realized I must have come back with some of that energy and now allowing it to catch up.


(all pictures found online)


Homework time/what resonates:

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    • Annette… let me tell you, haha! I AM in a moment of all of this has been sooo worth it. This is amazing and real and so profound the work AND love. So much is going on so flow and know… I love you 🙂

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