Megatron or Metatron

Well… maybe I wasn’t to write this one.  I had it all set to go and was surprised to then see it blank.  Computer glitches indeed.  Hmm… since I actually really liked this one.  Well, I try again on a clean slate but will definitely take the hint if this one goes blank, lol.

I remember when channeling started for me.  Often I’d receive a message and heard a name of the energy.  All of this was new to me so I heard several names I’d never heard of before.  I would be surprised to then find information online and often with striking similarities.  So one day I received a message from Megatron.  That’s what I wrote down.  I didn’t fully realize that Megatron was a Transformer.  Ha!  The energy did feel firm/powerful/strong and to the point.

So I quickly realized the message must have been from Metatron.  For me, the name didn’t matter as much.  The message did as for each one assisted me in my journey.  I will say though, that this would not be the only time this happened.  I would heard a few more names just a bit differently.

So then I did chuckle.  I guess it was the closest reference I had.  I could remember the 80’s commercial jingle of, more than meets the eye.  That would be about right.  My journey definitely had me looking at everything differently.  And we are t/Transformers in so many ways.  In the energy way, the evolving way… and in changing our reality.

In my original post, I had a short history/review of Metatron.  I guess one can seek what they need to find/resonates.  He’s considered to be an Archangel/Ascended Master.  I found articles describing him as a messenger, overseer of the Akashic and more.  And, there are two different spellings/meanings of his name.  Add mine, you get three.

And Metatron’s Cube is known in sacred geometry.  A center circle and an outlining 12 circles.


So the other day I received a short message and it was from Megatron/Metatron.  It was a clarion call.

I smiled as I received the message.  The details of the message really doesn’t matter.  I will though say that if another receives this energy (as how I feel it), you will know.  I really didn’t need confirmation either yet it played out in my reality.  Part of the message was confirmed within a day.  The other… in it’s own time and way.

So I write this post to say, remain open.  Who knows what you might hear.  You might not fully understand or believe… and really that doesn’t even matter.  What is meant to happen, will.

Continue to transform my sweet warriors of light.  Here and now.  ❤

5 comments on “Megatron or Metatron

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  2. I received a message about a week ago regarding a “call”. It almost feels to me the energy is being pulled in, perhaps so the new year the release of this feeling of a build up of energy will be out of this world!

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    • Yah!! Yes and perfect. Like it’s going through the loop/crossing of the infinity sign. We just say yes and then we’ll… see – job descriptions/training/experience for those who need will be provided later, lol. ❤ ❤ ❤


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