Quantum jumps ahead

The past 24 hours have been quiet… peaceful… well, at least for me.  For the hard core spiritual seeker/ascender, these pauses can confuse the mind.  Thinking it knows what’s next or… wondering what’s, wrong.  Ha… nothing.  This is when we rest, heal, enjoy, do what we love, observe, tidy up any little (or big) messes, etc.  For many this was a full and special day.  Yet for some… well, I’ll share that…

I awoke this morning to see an article I wrote a year ago as being viewed often in the past 24 hours:  Lightworkers and Suicide.  While some might have been doing light reading…  Many are at this place right now.  Know that we are each here for a reason and this is just a season.  I started to write a post on this topic alone (to share a newer perspective) but many of us continue to let go of what got us here; so possibly later.

Over the past week, as I referenced something to Spirit that is current or upcoming  (like within the next 30 days or so) Spirit chimes back referring to it in past tense.  This didn’t sink in until yesterday.  Ah… big jumps/leaps are ahead.  Quantum:

An abrupt transition of an electron, atom, or molecule from one quantum state to another, with the absorption or emission of a quantum. 

A huge, often sudden, increase or change in something.

Spirit has often mentioned that this is a timed event/unfolding.  Isn’t that interesting since some spiritual teaching stress there is no time.  Well, here on Earth it can dictate.  If you follow along, you know I don’t see time or ego as a bad thing.  They serve us well and in time, fade.  Basically, we are moving along… and often in groups.  It is OUR evolution.  For many, they needed today/this moment.  For the experiences, the love… maybe even the struggles/a-ha’s.  We will continue on in perfect… timing.

And actually, many have been experiencing these jumps yet might not even realize or need certain words to align to.  It’s not quite what one would think.

So this evening I’m watching, Doctor Who on TV.  Wow, a lot of references!  Who knew…?

I am also holding space… yet in a new way.  Literally holding (outer) space… all the darkness and bright stars.  Allowing and seeing the beauty.

So while I have a few notes tucked to the side to write on, this is enough for now.  All is well.  Tomorrow is a new and another glorious day.  I am thankful to be here and now.  To be alive and well.  There is just so much to be grateful for.  So much love… big love and thank you for reading and leaving your energy here.  ❤


Energy UPdate:  Haha… hit publish… and indeed, the energy is jumping UP.  For some deep sleep, for some, you feel it (yet it can be felt in so many ways).  It has been slowly building for hours.  Here we go!

And one might need a bit more food/energy right now.  Enjoy, no worries… remember?

UPdate #2:  This energy is pushing up and out anything that needs to be seen, felt… or to just gooooo.  Bye-by.  Not coming into 2017.  Making room for more light, love and bliss.  Not sure what is up with 12/29 (Thursday) but Spirit has mentioned this date to me a few times.  Ahhh, a new moon 🙂

I do have a few draft folder posts that will be rolling out.  Cleaning up this house, teehee.

2 comments on “Quantum jumps ahead

    • This energy (thread) ran so strong in me this time last year (as well as many others)… now I seem to only be reminded. What was so real/hard just years ago, as if forgotten. My heart though so sends energy/reminders/a hug and love to anyone in this stage. It is not easy and seems consuming. Right now there’s just so much to remember and it seems to come and quickly go! ❤

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