Change verses Giving Up


If you’re still here, you still try.

I do though remember writing often on… Surrender.  To some they might feel like it’s giving up.  There are times to do just this and then watch how you are supported and a new way comes into form.  So… to give up or not to… may be a question.  Either way, one just can’t get it wrong.  All ways/paths are supported.  Breathe… and trust your gut… and the Universe.  Check in with your heart… soul… and beyond.  You will know… and if you don’t, you relax, yes relax verses getting all wound up.  Hold on or fake it till you make it.  This is just a moment on this vast variety of a journey.

Often we let go… for the greater plan yet we don’t even remember what this is.  Trust that you will be guided.  You are needed, right here and now.  And so the journey continues.  ❤

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