Patience and Patterns and…


Good morning lights and loves.  How is everyone doing?  I will share that I awoke on the wrong foot… soul?  Hmm and after two weeks of being in Blissville 100% perfect.  See, haha, no one is exempt.  It seems as if some work/clearing is indeed happening.  I know that this can quickly be remedied (we have unlimited choices/options) yet all moments in this journey happen for a reason.  Allow, honor and choose wisely.  There are times we need to see/feel some things in a different way.  It’s one of many ways we use our gifts of free will, alchemy and Mastery.  So note what is stirring in your head and heart.  You will be guided as to what you might do about it.  Or you might just do something perfect right now.

It’s as if something, possibly that you thought was resolved or from the past has resurfaced.  For a quick funny, it was like I awoke and within an hour was saying …


Lol… somehow it will resolve or be combined into this next leg of our journey; oh the variety, never a dull moment.  On a slightly different energy, I do think now is a time to send off some (energy) thank you notes.  There really is so much to be grateful for.  Let’s keep our hearts open.  I plan to spend the day in nature/outside and with those I love.

I wrote this post a week ago and will now tag it along for reading.  It was even a good reminder/reset for me this morning.  I do thank you for reading, commenting and being such an amazing part of my/our journey.

Our mind seek order, a routine.  It seems to give/provide comfort.  The predictable, the established… logical.  Ha… well… I’ve had to learn to let go in a thousand ways.  Yet in the last few days, veils have lifted.  Some new thoughts and if the amnesia is gone.  For some things, it seems like it’s been a long time coming (singing).  I’ve mentioned that often the explanation comes after the experience and I’ve received several.  These are the moments where it all catches up.  Like, duh… of course!

So whether one aligns to the word choice of ascending, lightbody, etc. there does seem to be a pattern.  Yet one might not be able to see the forest from the trees as they experience.  For me I was a spiritual person yet in ways a follower, dabbler and having my first life/3D experience.  And you know what?  If this was all I had, this is/was good enough!

I did start seeking yet at a certain level.  There were years of transition.  This past 18 months or so have taken me into new waters.  I started feeling these energy highs… and the dips… and more clearing/healing work even after I’d already done quite a bit.  I seemed to know I was to anchor light/connect in this way.  And that light works on you.  On the inside.  It finds where you’re stuck… and what need to go and be experienced.  So you feel it… experience it.  You do your best and move along.  It seems to be this UP!  … Down! … round and round experience.

I pause as I write this remembering I’ve been at this place before yet I am now even… healthier/wiser.  The work, the releases, the a-ha’s.  For some, we tend to pull some pretty dramatic/crap experiences to us.  Then we pull some challenging experiences.  Lighter and lighter we become.  So why not now start to pull some joy experiences??  Because at some point you are done/good enough/ready to have these experiences.

We don’t give up.  If we’re still here, we keep at it.  All of this work pays off and we cast our light in a new way.  Thank you for reading and much love to you.



UPdate:  Fast moving energy.  Laughter is the best medicine.  Here we go again… in laughter and love.

Update #2 (evening):  Too much to write.  A lot is going on.  It’s as if big puzzle pieces are being moved.  Those veils… well, I could see them and was like, ahhh… soon we will see.  It was one of those multidimensional days and a re-set for me.


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