2016… you served us well.


It’s late yet I write.  In some ways the past few days have held a peace/silence/stillness and… then the other extreme.  It’s easy to notice the fast/accelerated/aggressive/revved up.  It can also be easy to let go and breathe in knowing.

Something profound is happening.  I had something that happened today that my mind doesn’t understand yet.  Up until even a few months ago, it would have been filed in the bizarre category yet now it’s no longer, bizarre.  It’s as normal and real as everything else.  So I will be patient and let it unfold.  There is always a great story to be told.  The veil will lift in the moment it should. 

As far as the swift/fast moving energy… go slow.  Children are at play.  Remember…?  While we are etheric beings… we are in a residential zone 🙂


So what I will note for now is more to try to capture a few notes I have tucked to the side.  While not necessarily noted, I did wish to also mention the passing of George Michael and Carrie Fisher.  These two define my era.  I grew up watching Carrie as Princess Leah and these pictures (verses others), ironically, would be at the top of my list.

Quite symbolic now that I think about it.  And you know how much I love music – George Michael and Wham was popular in my teen years.  With songs like, Wake me up before you go, Freedom, Faith and One More Try … yup.  He was a part of my journey.  Ha… and not mine alone, for many.  Check out Dayna’s post.

I’m not sure if it’s just me but several times I’ve seen on my social media feed, 2016 can such it.  Well…  Many seem done with this year.  I was going to write a post/review, more so of the blog/journey/highlights/work and fun we’ve done, yet I’ve had to let that go.  I do think of 2017 as, the future’s so bright, gotta wear shades… singing 🙂  2017 so far feels like no holding back.  No thinking small either.

Another song that comes to mind is, No more tears… yet this is not the title since I can’t find the song now – urgh and lol.  Ha…

Yup… that’s the one.  Sounds like a soap opera theme music at the end and yes, we are done with that.  And let’s just add a third… Weekend, either Starboy or I can feel it coming.  Music is a great reminder/reset.

U-turn symbolism has been apparent for some.  Can I say that a U-turn can be swift and easy… and/or it can take a bit of time here and now.  I am also seeing symbolism for a spark yet no fuel for the fire.  Sometimes this is a very good thing. Trust that when fuel is needed, it will be provided.  I also find Christmas so interesting.  In some ways, I feel I am just now celebrating yet so many seem to be done with it.  Keep the Spirit/magic alive…?

As I was falling asleep the other evening, Spirt was explaining these energy waves.  We are energy/a vibration.  And our vibration pulses from us.  It sends out a signal to the Universe.  And we attract what we need.  When we receive it though, one might be like… seriously??  So we do the best we can and again send out and receive.  At some point we become the waves; in synch and calling forth our reality.  We see what we need to see and then pull what we need to succeed… ceed/a seed.  Keep an open mind here because it doesn’t always come as one thinks yet, it works out.

I was also reminded (and pass along) to really listen to Spirt messages.  For many Spirit will be breaking through for the first time.  If one asks a question, you might just get an answer.  I though was taught by Spirit early on to listen… and to make sure the message was complete/done.  Often Spirit messages unfold and if you just take the first few words and run/react… you will not understand the message… at all.  When one reacts, it plays into their current vibration/story.  Hint, hint… we are changing our story and quite dramatically; transcending.

And if you are new to collective clearing… there seems to be a lot.  Restlessness, lack of faith, confusion, blasé, grief… a lot of grief.   I did this daily for some time (a year?).  It will/can assist in building your light body and the collective.

Well, I have more notes but they are of a different vibration/theme so I will get to typing those up soon.  Take a moment and reflect on how 2016 shaped you.  You are not the same.  This has been a powerful year… and this will continue.  Reminders/events/experiences with each new turn.   Shape shifters and change agents indeed.

In light and love!


(All pictures found online.)

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