In some ways this is just a checking-in.  This past week, well, it could be easy to say it’s been busy in the here and now yet… I keep coming back to a sense of peace, balance and a smile.  This is living/live yet I can remember how I lived before.  Both before awakening and at certain stages during.  Often feeling overwhelmed/not enough (hours in the day)… uncertain… or in some ways removed/hibernating.  Now I smile.

Awakening/ascending/descending/walking the walk is not always easy.  Yes, there are amazing, beyond words moments.  Yet it can also be very hard on one’s body, mind, emotions and life.  Choose to have an accelerated path… ?  There are moments it can teeter on or become burn-out… and at times it can sneak up on one.  Trust that you can’t fool the Universe.  And Spirit/your Higher-self knows what’s stage you’re in and what you need.  Breathe… feel… know… TRUST.  No matter where one’s at… it’s OKAY!  It’s more than okay, it’s Divine.  You have all the time you need… remember?

I was thinking the other day on how I often felt what I described as energy dips.  They happened a few times a week, usually in the evening, lasting for an hour and then back to normal again.  At times it did feel like a collective clearing and the vibes that I, too, needed to release (yet our mind doesn’t always understand/remember the process).  Basically an end of day vibrational difference/dump/reset/rest.  Please trust your process and be kind to yourself.

For many now is a time to make intensions/goals… and/or with it being the end of the year… and a year of 9/completion… a review.  For some though, anchoring in what is yet to even be explained.

I awoke from a dream the other night.  It was one of those inception like dreams.  I was a first responder checking on many, asking, are you okay?  Did you survive the blast?  Are all accounted for?  It was not panic.  It was joy and the soul family was large.  I was even surprised at a few faces I saw.  A nice reminder that everyone is ascending and a part of our soul family.  The blast was a ripple effect, felt through time/space/realities and felt in many different ways.  For some as an energy, for some as a crash/emergency.  It was as if to say that if we made it through this (month/year), we were going to be okay.  But of course.

In the past 48 hours, I have found my energy to be sensitive/aligning to certain vibrations… a new octave.  I was told that a Divine harmonic convergence is happening.  While this word choice could mean many things, to me this meant that vibrations/forms/etc. are lining up.  It is happening in many.  It isn’t something that can necessarily be seen/explained.  It can be a moment where one realizes that any divide is now divine.  All that is left is unity/us/we/wholeness/complete and allowing/trust/knowing/peace/love.  We do seem to get to this place again and again, each time with a bit deeper appreciation.


Our interests/priorities also seem to be changing.  What interested one just a few days/weeks/months ago… well now…

So I’ll mention timing vs. waiting.  There are times you know to wait/be… that timing is important.  Well for many, the time is just about at hand.  Lights on…?  Rested and ready for the next adventure?  Well, whatever the answer is, it’s okay.  For some realities will be flipping.  What once was difficult will now come with great ease.  Yes, be amazed but make sure you proceed.  In gratitude, humility and knowing.  So are you ready for whatever may come next…?  Oh yes you are.  No fear.  The Universe knows you well.

There is a stage of asking, what’s next??  It will last as long as it needs to.  Then… well, you’ll know when you are here… and it’s all divine love my sweet souls.  Into the adventure we go, together!


(<3 the pics… found online and unsure of original source.)

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  1. Sorry, I am so behind on your Blog. I usually catch up at work, but my workplace is closed for TWO WEEKS for the Holidays. So I am catching up a bit now… even if when things are slow at work I will wish I had Blogs to catch up on.

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