From Fractal to Whole


While time is on our side… in this moment, no time to write so… pictures can do the job.  I was reminder by another’s words… we are taking all those aspects that we have identified, worked with, pulled in… our fractal self and now (becoming) whole.  And in this… there is such bliss.  Yes, one is always whole and complete but there are moments… of longing, wanting, needing, etc.  They are there to remind us of a truth we do know yet can be forgotten or buried.  And so we seek and come into so many layers as we come back together again and again

(Now might be too late for a visual sensory overload warning, lol.)

There was a time to come undone… and a time to come together.  So depending upon where you are in the journey, one of these pictures may remind/activate/awaken.

Okay, I stop because there are just too many.  All these amazing pics found online.  Unsure of original sources although a few are tagged…yippee, seek out their amazing artwork… or create and share your own.  Get those creative juices flowing.

I’ve spent the past two days bringing in the new… and it is amazing.  No, I don’t hold the details or words in my mind… or at least in this moment.  Just in my being… and in my heart.  And that is enough.  From this it will spring forth and unfold.

I’ve also been in picture taking mode today as I was often reminded by the sky/Mother Nature so I will try to share that, too, here soon.  Until then… in smiles, knowing and love!

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