Is a LIGHT body… real?


I’m not sure when I first heard the term, lightbody.  I am sure it was years after I aligned to the lightworker word.  I’d bet I read it several times before it even caught my eye and then caused my mind to pause… and start wondering.  I’m sure I thought, these are just words, one is being symbolic… right?  Well… years later a lot has changed for me. 

So, from my perspective now, yes, a light body/lightbody is real.  Yet… it’s not what you think.   And once you get here, it doesn’t matter what you think… or thought in 3/4… or even 5D.

I could compare it to when, some time ago, many were writing on ascending into 5D/new Earth.  I, like many, had some questions yet I seemed to know that I’d still be physically here/on Earth verses disappearing/transcending to another Earth.  It was a new experience for many and, in time I’d experience 5D in my own ways, right here and now.

A light body can be experienced in so many ways.  Some will not need any knowledge or explanation.  It can be felt as lighter in weight to your former you/body.  Happier, freer… brighter.  And rightfully so.  Often one has done quite a bit of clearing work.  It can be felt as awakening chakra’s/aspects/skills/dna/a higher/Master/crystal(s)/Christ self.  For me, it’s been an amazing (yet, yes also challenging) process and one that will continue.

I think of this moment and pictures I took a few years ago.  A sunset by a pond on a cold January afternoon.  And as I stood there, there was a stillness… and I then became mesmerized as the light reflected.  I was certain this moment (and all of the elements) were a reminder.  I didn’t need to make sense of it in my mind, I felt it.  The next morning, I awoke to a fresh unforecasted fallen snow, so bright… anew.  Everything glowed and I thought perfect symbolism and beauty.

Really, I could/should end this post here… for some will understand, yet I write a bit more for those who wish to read.

So… how does one?  Well, there are so many ways and to each there own.  For some they will allow it to happen.  Some will seek out teachers.  Some will follow their guidance alone.  Some will wonder, others will know.  These are the vast experiences we signed up for.  What I will say is, there’s no wrong way to.

I will also share there will be moments where one is so light/bright/different vibration that you will move with such speed, ease and grace… that you might as well have been in Spirit form.  At times one is not visible/a part of certain realities.

Oh… and did I mention that time… patience/incredible patience is needed?  It is (or has been for me/many) a process.  And will others notice?  Well, yes and no and you’ll be surprised at times who does… and doesn’t.

So, let’s keep this simple for now.  Let the light in!  Allow your experience/body to do what it needs to do/the light to show you.    ((  ❤  ))


(First picture found online, artwork by Steven DaLuz)

14 comments on “Is a LIGHT body… real?

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  2. As I’ve done healing work, I’ve had experiences of seeing darkness leaving me and then seeing light blaze out from within myself. I’ve had the knowing that my core self is light, and healing is merely clearing away all that is not me (and this shows up in many ways).

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