New and Now Year


Since the past 48 hours has had many moments… lol.  Here we go with a mix of personal, energy update and just sharing a perspective; a sparkly one 🙂

I will say that this holiday season, new meaning has surfaced.  It’s also this mix of knowing of Christmas and the New Year and all the traditions… yet…   As if a balancing of all that is now real to you.  And depending upon what spiritual path/vibration you are riding…

I awoke with a vision and short message.  I saw a gift.  A box wrapped so pretty and with a bow.  As I allowed the vision to continue, in the box was another wrapped box.  Also perfectly wrapped.  I smiled.  I seemed to know where this was going.  Oh how many boxes?  I was of good spirit so it continued till it reached a small box.  It was as if I was to guess what was in it.  I had no idea.  One could assume…

After all this effort/joy/anticipation… the last box was… empty.  I continued to smile since I could see the symbolism.  I could also hear other’s reactions: anger/frustration/confusion/disappointment.  Yet, what if this is The journey?  A GIFT.  Wrapped and you peal away a layer to get to the next box/surprise/moment… to be unwrapped… and so it continues.  Yet, can you get to a place of just enjoying the unfolding?  Or do you need a tangible item/goal?  A huge part of this journey for me these past few years has been about gratitude and at times neutrality… no matter what.

There are some clearings that may be felt/experienced – could be mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and/or a bit of all as well as upgrades/reunions/embodiment going on… and one might not even understand the (huge) significance.  For some, today (or this past week) might not have been what one thought.  Haha… hold on.

This time last year I wrote on the new year.  Everything did seem, new.  And many are in this stage and it is amazing – enjoy!  I was reminder by another that this is (for many) the year of NOW; holding two meanings for me.  It’s interesting and often funny to balance our Earth time with Universal Time… and something I would even call Cosmic/galactic Timing.  Being present/in the now is so important – that’s how we access it.  From there, we become time/space travelers and often visionaries.  We also know there isn’t even time yet how we work/play with it and balance all here.  Oh the power in/of this now moment.  The second significance is, NOW is the time to be/allow/do/create.

One might be having moments/hours on being so happy/social/engaged and then it seems to quickly switch to knowing you need silence/slow/space.  We are tuning (to) our new senses.  We need to pick up on these subtle sensations so… any loud/aggressive/overbearing (and it might not take much) energy, well, you’ll find that you separate yourself.  This is not forever, honor what you need.  If not, don’t be surprised if grumpy/bitchy aspect/emotion/teacher pays a visit.

It also seems to be (another) time of contracts ending.  I was shown a visual that we have so many dynamics/aspects/people that surround us but often it’s about timing… right place/time.  For some they might have met another/energy in a higher dimension… they might just walk into your reality now (as these next few weeks/months unfold).

Remembrance and interesting random thoughts have been breaking through in moments.  For now I will share:  When you loose time (in doing what you love – for me it happens as I write)… you are literally loosing time.  Anti-aging.  Could this be why some don’t show their (physically) age?

As far as signs, I’ve had two interesting ones:  Black boxes… as in the brain/computer and it being removed/repurposed/examined.  Think symbolic.

And, haha… money trucks.  I asked Spirit on that one and was told, you can take that to the bank.  Ha, take what?  Whatever you are thinking…  Well, I listed several bright, magical thoughts.  It’s time to bank on our dreams/higher plans.

As I was drifting off to sleep one evening, I thought of months ago when Spirit first suggested and then stated I could stop writing/being a lightworker.  Yes, often we do as Spirit suggests because it unlocks a knowing; this can be physically felt/know, no question, changed.  I continued on though.  So I asked, why (letting me off the hook) and was told what I knew years ago.  There are plenty of others writing/teaching/healing.  While we often encourage others to, either way it will work out.  It is though as if this step/process is important… and can be serendipity.  One might now realize what they thought, well, it was for another reason.  Allow Spirit to now point you in your new/now year (of action).  For some it will be what they initially thought/what got them started and supported in a new way… for others it will be a new and unique path, also supported.

IF… you are still thinking/acting/playing small… trust that the Universe will point this out to you.  There are no limits/small/lack or worth_less.  We also don’t chase fake.  For many true/authentic/right time and place in your plan will come/reach out to you.  And no more waiting/holding up a line.  Some may need to ponder on these thoughts.

Wow… well, that must have done it since the energy has just changed for me.  So enough for now.  I think we’ve covered all the bases.  Bring up the rear… if you still have a foot in 2016… let go!  2017 is here, NOW and stellar… remember??

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