All Systems Restored

Alrighty kiddos!  How is everyone doing?  It is pouring down rain here.  A good day to rest/sleep although yes, some are back to the grind.  Last night as I was journaling, I was thinking this is a special time indeed.  A time to remember and of reunions and a sense of completion.  All that letting go – possibly for years… well… we can now pull in/to us.  It is like waking up a house of sleepy heads.  Everyone is there, now wake up.  Yes, I am being symbolic/energetic since much is happening in the etheric/higher planes and in our house/body.  It’s also very subtle and could be easy to miss.  So now is a good time to remember, rest, reboot and repeat.  Make the time, if needed, and honor.  This is what we’ve been waiting for/working towards and the remembrance… ha, embrace… will greatly assist one in the coming year (s).

Spirit refereed to this time as a system restore.  On a computer, a system restore goes back to an earlier time when all ran smoothly.  Yet not many really want to/would choose to go back.  Yet something was added that seemed to cause a glitch and shut down.  So we are forced to restore.  Know that we are awakening our original dna/blueprint.

Many are in a completion stage of embodying their Ascended Master, lightbody, receiving their cosmic heart, and/or wings/angel/Archangel status.  This can also be felt/experienced in other ways too – as your soul, higher self, divine feminine, masculine or twin flame.  Each is a special moment and opens a new way of being.

The light grid is also very palpable right now.  As I meditated, I sent out several energy requests.  They each seemed to be met/matched.  I smiled because I can remember a time (and not to long ago) when it seemed like not much was sparking.  Can you hear me now?  YES!  So let’s keep connecting.

So take a moment… or days… as you can, now.  Power down and trust that the operating system will come back up/online.  This all system restore is actually quite layered/involved/more than one realizes.  From micro to macro, a ripple affect.  It is the new foundation and platform.  From it may events and grand performances for years to come will happen.

We are no longer fragile or fragmented souls… we aren’t eager souls either.  We are ready… ready for what you may ask.  Haha… trust that the Universe will show you/us.  ❤



(All pics found online)

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