I arose and it wasn’t long when I heard a whisper:  You have done enough.  I chuckled.  This would apply for most of us.  I ended up resting and then reviewing my notebook.  Just this past week alone… wow!!  And this past month or so…?  Double wow!!  Energy, new topics/interests/remembrance, divine unions… oh the list could go on.  To be able to do and live as much as I have is indeed a blessing since I remember back to the early summer when…

the energy felt very high.  I felt like I was going to pop.  Everything became so accelerated; vortex like.  This was the ultimate, mac daddy spin cycle.  All that I’d absorbed had to be rung out.  Can I just say in the journey we do absorb a lot.  I had to let go of many things/ways.  It seemed to be a step and much has happened since then.  The energy of the late summer left me feeling so ill, I was wondering if…   and so appreciating health/what we take for granted.  The good news is now, the energy has again been high yet I remain or quickly come back to center… peace.  I also feel great.  And I seem to now preventively do what needs to be done to find balance verses having to get to that point where I need another spin cycle.

So as I rested today, again a chill set in.  I’ve been feeling it often this past week.  The new/original/chosen blueprint is fortifying… in my bones/body/being.  I’ve been meaning to write/give an update on releasing soul aspects.  For me it used to happen and I didn’t even always know.  These past few months though, some of the releases have felt like death.  I really need to write a post on this alone because it does seem to be a part of the journey and can be alarming/confusing to the mind.  Some aspects are so intertwined/ancient.  Yet one will get to a point where you are willing… and know… and all you want is a real and authentic life and you are willing to “die” for it.  Talk about overcoming fear of death.  It is a way to get over, fear of life.  What I will say is that when you let go… a far greater remembrance seems to surface.  It is now you… and you live that out.  (A spiritual) Death is a gateway.

Many of us  humans/teachers/healers/Earth Angels/Ascended Masters  write/teach what we need to learn/remember here and now.  Yes, many do pass along wisdom and their skill/gift.  I was thinking how my journey began in self help and then mental health and then lead me to spiritual help.  Yet why do bad things happen to lightworkers…?  Well, some additional answers would be, it keeps us humble, relatable and in service.  What we came here to do.  I will say that it does get easier.  I can though clearing remember moments of wondering.  We do walk through and transcend yet it may take a bit of time.  I think we have come quite a ways.

This is a time to remember… who you really are and your purpose.  Yet, it can be so simple.  ❤

So enough for now.  I thank you for reading.  Time to… chill?  Rest, reset and proceed!



(Pictures found online)

2 comments on “Chillin

  1. Happy New Year Molly! I love the pictures! That was how I was last week when I was off from work!
    I now feel the not so nice things that were perceived as bad in the past were to give me experiences so when others talk to me I am able to relate to their experience more then just on a mental level.

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