If you knew…


How much you are LOVED and SUPPORTED and…well, everything.  You would never have another question.  Or doubt… or fear… ever.

IF  it is quiet or challenging for you in this moment, I am just reminding you of what you already know.


It is all being worked out.  Right now there are so many… including your higher/future self who are working on your behalf.  Working in light and love.  Take a moment… breathe… feel… and know.  It’s going to be, okay!

I found myself asking a question to Spirit yesterday and heard:  You can’t ask for what has already been done.  Remember…?  I smiled and understand.  It is all, done, done, done.  Often though it needs to play out.  The sync/signs/random factor has been set on high again.  We are often reminded and then understand/see/experience.

For some, you will be moving into a new energy.  Possibly 14D or an energy that’s not named initially.  It may feel very high.  One may feel it, zoom in and out of it yet have no memory or way to describe it… and this is okay.  If you got used to playing in 3-12, you may even resist… and this, too, is okay because you have free will.  Just when one feels like you’ve Mastered a certain place/step/whatever… but of course the Universe is going to send you the next.  Haha.  Not even a minute to get bored.  I guess that was 3D.

I was also reminder that the 12 days of Christ mas/remembrance are not over yet.  That would be tomorrow, on the 5th.  Yet, there is no time so anytime is good.  Think 12 chakra’s/dimensions/gifts. Some will understand that you don’t need to do a thing.  Your process is happening as it should.

I chuckled as I reflected on some of this new energy.  Ya, embody this.  Wow!  No wonder we get spiritual jet lag as we descend/land/live.  Yet jet lag does ware off within a few days or after a really good sleep.  One will catch up with the time/space difference.

I also paused yesterday as I realized how many new connections are being made.  I remember the feeling of being the only person who thought/saw/live as I did.  I got used to this which is a step alone (ha good pun).  Over this past year, well, all the spider web signs surely have played out.  A large and intricate weaved web is still being formed.

I was also thinking on how mirror work (google Louis Hayes if you need a reference/more info)… works.  We do spend a lot of time in front of a mirror (literally) and mirrors (as in others and places) all the time.  Yet mirror work is about love… and allowing you amazing bright light to be seen… by you.  Your light shinning back at you.  Now yes, it may take some time and practice to allow the old layers of doubt/negativity/lies surface.  Then one day… BAM!  🙂  Sparks may be flying for some in the winks of eyes.

I will also share as I meditated on a situation (to better understand the dynamics) I heard:  Greed proceeds.  Ahh, interesting.  Ha… wait, precedes.  Great word choice/twist.  Usually we can sense this yet I didn’t pick up on it so this perspective was delivered another way.  Let’s not be greedy.  There is more than enough and so many ways to have what we desire.  Check in and make sure love is paving the way.

Alrighty love and lights… on to writing the next one.  HUGS!!  YOU are LOVED!  and supported… and cared for… and…


(Top picture found online and org source unknown, others I created/captured.)

4 comments on “If you knew…

  1. It’s been interesting lately, with thing manifesting left and right. And when you mentioned greed near the end, when I feel the word, what I feel is lack and not someone not knowing they are perfect, whole, and divine. I feel fear associated with the word greed.

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    • Wow… both of your comments today 🙂 Awesome and thank you.
      Things are manifesting right and left! This would be true all the time yet it does seem faster/more in line… ahh, we just understand more now. When I wrote the word, greed, it felt neutral to me. We are all perfect, whole & divine… even in need or greed. All parts serve. Greed though could be fear or lack of remembrance just as you stated.
      Writing is tricky since it can be perceived in so many ways and gosh, there are just so many moments in this journey. At times I even found myself doing a total flip in my thoughts. This seems to be a 360 degree journey. ❤ and continue the awesome manifesting!

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  2. I wonder wonderful wise woman, why am I so easily upset right now? Why does the energy feel this way, as it has not felt since the week after Trumps election?
    Also, is it okay to send healing to a k-pop idol if there is no way to ask for their permission first?

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    • You know I consider you a Guru!! So you know what to do 🙂

      While I’ve been in pretty much bliss mode for over a month now… I still get reminders/have moments where I feel it, too. I had one this evening. A lot of post holiday dis ease… grumbles/struggle… holding on to the old/not much hope for a better tomorrow. Tears can be a great heart opening though. And from there magic happens.

      This energy is affecting all differently and at times I believe we feel a group verses what is 100% our stuff since we’re all one. I was saying my, I love you’s and then shortly after I was much better. We’re still shedding.

      Regardless, we can send it out there (yet it starts at home)… love. Yours in a genuine heart and I am honored to know/connect with you here and now 🙂

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