Total Solar Eclipse

I do often find what comes into my energy, interesting.  This was recently delivered.  When the moon covers the sun.  And, you bet this has spiritual significance!  Not since 1991 (in Hawaii ) have we even seen a total solar eclipse.  In 1979, for five states in the US.  For this one though, while still many months away (8/21/2017)  14… yes, 14 states in US. 

Hmm… could this have anything to do with anchoring in 14D?  🙂  The coast to coast path…


can be found here (scroll down for a more detailed state by state report).  The duration (as it passes over you) is just two and an half minutes yet the effects may be felt before and long after.  This would be a new experience for me and, as I did a bit of light reading saw these words:  “If you’re in the path, you see what is perhaps one of the most phenomenal sights that human eyes can convey to a brain!”  (Source)  Well… sounds intriguing yet if you follow along here, you already know what we do see.  🙂  The weather will also be a factor with clear skies being ideal.  Calling in that order, now.

I’ve often written on the moons cycles – new moon to release/make intension verses seeing it as a dark night and full moon to celebrate/see/pull in new information.  A total solar eclipse though can be perceived as a false night or new moon on steroids.  It can affect one’s emotions, eating, sleep patterns… life.  While I love both new and full moons, for some new moons can be tough.  So that on steroids…  Well, we have months to prepare.  Some are very aware of how dialed in they are to Mother Nature/the Universe and other’s… not so much (yet they are).


So while I see and embrace this as awesome, this event could also be perceived as eerie/negative/bad/a warning/etc.  For some it won’t even be on their radar at all.  The 8/21/2017 date for numerology adds up to be a three – trinity.

In the past week, I’ve run across some articles describing an… event.  Some thought an energy wave at the end of December would be, The.  Well…    And this isn’t The event either… from my perspective.  I will though be keeping an eye on this and an open heart to any messages/updates.  So much can change in eight+ months (at the time that I write this).

[What I will note yet a bit off topic for the title of the post is… a pulse/burst may have recently been sent to a select group/code.  In the past ten days, I am seeing the first time Arcturians in human form in droves!  As if they’ve been more recluse and now it’s time to be out, more.  The age group seems to be late teens – 50’s.  I’d totally forgot that I’ve seen this before.  As if certain times or places.  To me, their physical body is what catches my eye first.  As if they feel a bit awkward being in a human body and often/quickly display mild social quirks or a slightly different tone of voice.  I do like to make eye contact (and a smile) yet I’ve noticed it’s often quick (to remind them it’s safe and they are in the right place.)  Okay, let me not digress.]

Total Solar Eclipse.  Special glasses are recommended if you plan to watch.  And as I read:  “The moon moves on, the Diamond Ring appears again, and a very small piece of the Sun’s bright disk is visible again.” (Source)  Well, sounds like an activation to me.

So does this tie into the light grid…?   🙂    I do think the path is significant.  Many travel to partake in the viewing bringing a lot of opportunities for energy exchanges.  And could this be an interesting wave of sorts…?  Yup and time will tell.  And if this doesn’t speak to you at this time, no worries.  The next one (in black) is scheduled for 4/8/2024 = 2.


So… to be continued.


1/4/17 Energy update:  The energy/wave/gamma that hit at Christmas, well, many are feeling it now.  The range though could be nothing to tired to grouchy/ill, all the way to the other extreme of having much energy/insomnia/bliss, even uncontrollable laughter.  Trust that the energy is doing what’s needed.

(All pics found online.)

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  3. I’m curious. You say you see Arcturians in human form. You recognize them as Arcturians using your intuition as assume? Do these people know they are Arcturians? Like, are they from off planet and wear a human “costume”? Or were they born and raised here, and are unknowingly actually Arcturian?

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    • I figured (as with many things) I’d put it out there. So… thank you for asking. ❤ curious. I actually don't think they know that they are Arcturians and yes, they look very normal/human. Born and raised here and it many take a few lifetimes to realize yet… if they are reminded, "wake up" sooner. I've spoken with a few… felt misunderstood and as I mentioned a few things, light bulbs went off. Yet this is true for many of us. Yet I’d bet some do know! I'd consider myself a mutt and very human/many lifetimes. I guess you could say it's just something I feel strongly in their aura. Make sense??

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