Ariel… Aerial… A Real


Just sharing an interesting twist that’s surfaced. 

I have long identified with the mermaid/Atlantis theme.  I though seem to keep it simple, fun and add a bit of Disney – the little mermaid’s name being, Ariel.  Ariel has an underworld perspective as well as an on land experience (and was willing to and for a time gave up her voice).  Okay, won’t go to deep into also of the sublet symbolism.

Yet recently a new Ariel came to my attention.  Archangel Ariel.  To be honest, I didn’t even know of her. Archangel Ariel is known as an Angel of Nature and associated with the Lion… and the Leo sign.  Her energy connects with nature, animals, elementals and helps in creating and manifesting abundance for earthly needs.  Ahh, yes!  I also feel there is a close connection/kinship to Archangel Michael.  If interested, more can be found here:

So… the aerial view, a higher perspective.  I do love the angelic realm.

And I also remember the Lion’s Gate which happens for many in August (and also referred to as the 8/8/8 or… )  and may be why this energy speaks to many.  It can be very empowering


Haha, no more cowardly stage, we are way past that.  And wait, I’ve been to St. Augustine; reminders everywhere.

Yet when I think on the word… I also hear another.  A Real.  A real experience/life/moment.  Ahh… taking it all.  The underworld, the challenges of adjusting yet longing to be on land/Earth and the higher Angelic perspective.  We are so much.

Thank you for reading.  ❤


All pics found online, several already tagged 🙂

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