Where the wave runs backwards

A few years ago in channeling I heard these words.  As I reviewed my notes, I paused and wondered.  What did this mean?  As I pondered, I then thought of a rip curl.  Yikes.  I mean we were talking ocean waves, right?   And… sure enough into the “water” I went.  One can play in shallow water but it wasn’t long.  Many of us went deeper.  And sure enough, a rip curl.  Many had some acknowledgment, wondering if we’d survive.  You can’t fight a rip curl.  You have to relax, know and go with it.  Swim out of it.  And we did.

In a recent meditation, Spirit was again breaking down these (energy) waves.  Interesting since here lately I’ve received several (1, 2, 3) different explanations.  Fourth times a charm…?  This must be important or… what am I not getting, lol?  Maybe for me or one who may read along.

I was seeing a simple visual yet I pass along these for the symbolic reminders.


Spirit was pointing out where one/a group might be.  Some are out in the calm or even stormy ocean (and unable to see land).  Some are riding the waves or in the tube.  In joy and for some, after much practice/overcoming fears.  Some have been smacked down and are eating sand along the shoreline.  Some are working up the nerve to ride a wave and some are eyes wide open as the see the next wave forming/coming.  It may seem massive yet if they just remember, they can swim through it.

And that seemed to be all Spirt wished to relay.  Hmm.  Yet almost asking, where are you in the wave formation?  Thinking about it, doing it… or being caught up in it.  Or… realizing you’ve been all of it, survived and now smile.

Yet Spirt messages always mean more and in time often expand.  What if it was also referring to a sound wave.  A ripple in time.  And a two way communication.  We receive and send back.


Well… for now I think I’ll retire this theme.  Fourth time is a charm and I don’t need to have it all figured out.  Thank you for reading.  Wave after wave or walking along the shore… here we go.


UPDATE:  Interesting… this ties into the stargate post.  We create a vortex of energy yet then create another in that, going counterclockwise to enter/open a stargate.  🙂


(All pics found online, several tagged)

5 comments on “Where the wave runs backwards

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  2. I’m thinking, I’m doing, I’m caught up in it, I am ALL of it, and I AM Surviving, so far that is, haha
    Thank you Molly, this one has me taking deep breaths! ❤️

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  3. Reading along, I remembered when I learned about diving under an oncoming wave so I wouldn’t be smacked by it, as I swam out to catch one. Perhaps understanding the path of least resistance, instead of bucking the current. I also thought about waves of energy being assimilated by those who are awake enough to understand how to work with shifts and changes, versus those who are still asleep seeing parts of their lives painfully crumbling and crashing in response. Great imagery!

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