We seem to be filtering and it can be felt in many ways.  Sensed in meditation, sleep/dream time or in moments of your daily routine/mood.  It may seem like a rapid flip book.  A lot of information yet just glimpses.  Trust that this is not a pop quiz where you’ll need to retain/identify/grab onto… anything.  It seems to happen as one awakens/embodies a new (aspect) or as new Guides come online.  It can also be felt as static/choppy/random.  Trust that a clear signal will come through. 

This may be a preview of what is to come.  It may also seem like odd/low/negative stuff.  Yup, we can definitely let that go.  If that message/lesson would have been needed…  So take it as a sign you’ve already evolved/transcend and your body/energy field is releasing.  Don’t get caught in the muck.  We do come preprogramed so as we awaken each new level, often we can skip ahead a few lessons.

I remember some time ago when a new Guide would come on board, it seemed like they were reviewing/discussing/repeating.  As if summer break had happened and wanted to make sure all were on the same page as school started again.  I’d be like, let’s get to the new stuff, haha.  Really this is just a moment but still worthy of mentioning so that we can get to the next.  Patience… Trust… Open… Relax… Breath… Integrate.

I was thinking today, the more recent truth of who I am.  Oh my.  How that question started my search and stayed with me for a period of time.  Then I let go… and it has been a wild ride since.

I will add if you notice anything that triggers you, it’s a release.  A release of fear so that you  can see the truth/your truth.  And by this point, you’ve already overcome a lot of fears.

Personally I’ve been receiving messages on forgiveness and how this is a step in the journey.  One can get to a point where there’s no need to forgive… you understand… and all that is left is love.  Unconditional love and knowing.  Often we’re born into certain soul families to heal/awaken yet, we first have to experience/endure… survive, suppress yet… then embrace, process, seek, and heal.  We heal ourselves first and then you might just be surprised who you heal next.  It’s not what you think.  One can get to a point where you’re no longer triggered.  And you no longer avoid… anything.   When you do get to this place, you, too, will say, wow!

So enough for now.  ❤ ❤ ❤


P.S.  I noticed personally the past few days, many typo’s as I write.  More than usual.  It seems to be going around though.  I’m wondering what this more recent energy… how it’s affecting many.  A little slip can have a quite a ripple effect.  Hmm.

(beautiful pics/mandalas found online)


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