We seem to be filtering and it can be felt in many ways.  Sensed in meditation – as if alot of information yet just glimpse (like a rapid flip book) or seeing a team of new, yet unkown, faces.  At times the eyes flutter, too.  In sleep/dream time – often strange dreams.   And/or in moments of your daily routine/mood – out of nowhere random thoughts/recall.  Trust that this is not a pop quiz where you’ll need to retain/identify/grab onto… anything.  It seems to happen as one awakens/embodies a new energy/aspect/Guide(s).  It can also be felt as static/choppy/faint or brief connection (possibly for several days) yet trust that a clear signal will come through. 

It may be a preview of what’s to come… as well as what seem like odd/low/old/negative stuff.  Yup, we can definitely let that go.  If that message/lesson is needed (possibly again)…      Often one has already evolved/transcend and the body/energy field is releasing.  Don’t get caught in the muck.  If though… oh there’s no wrong way to do this.  Go ahead and tackle it – clear it for good or extra credit, lol.  If you notice anything that triggers you, often this is to release… a fear … so that you  can see the/your truth.  And by this point, you’ve already overcome and released lots of fears.

I’ve had a few rounds of new Guides coming on board, and at times it seemed like they were reviewing/discussing/repeating.  As if summer/winter break had happened and wanted to make sure all were on the same page as school started again.  I’d be like, let’s get to the new/good stuff, haha.  And they did!  Patience… Trust… Open… Relax… Breath…

I was thinking today, the more recent truth of who I am.  Oh my.  How that question started my search and stayed with me for a period of time.  Then I let go… and it has been a wild ride since.

And personally, I’ve been receiving messages on forgiveness and how this is a step in the journey.  One can get to a point where there’s no need to forgive… because… you understand… and all that’s left is, love.  Unconditional love and knowing.  Often we’re born into certain soul families to heal/awaken yet, we first have to experience/endure… survive, suppress yet then, embrace, process/seek, and heal.  We heal ourselves first and then you might just be surprised who you heal next.  It’s not what you think.  One can get to a point where you’re no longer triggered.  And you no longer avoid… anything.   When you do get to this place, you, too, will say, wow!

Enough for now.  ❤  ❤  ❤


P.S.  I noticed personally the past few days, many typo’s as I write.  More than usual.  It seems to be going around though and wondering…   A little slip can have a quite a ripple effect.  Hmm.



(beautiful pics/mandalas found online)

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    Well… we seem to be in sync with this time/post/step from last year so sharing. Yet, we certainly aren’t the same. Get ready loves and lights, new energy and intel/messages are breaking through and getting ready to roll in. ❤


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