Clarity is incoming.  Oh how I love these moments.  Like… mind _ blown.  So I am going slow today.  Taking notes and letting it come in waves.  My guess is this will be unfolding for several days.  IF it is quiet for you (and you’re like, what is she talking about)… perfect.  You are just one a-ha away from your, next.  Pull in to know.  Clarity though can play out in many ways.  Some will watch/observe and some will do/in action/service and… be amazed.  With ease.

Holding space for clarity at times though is a choice.  For me, I see another list of topics I am pretty excited to write on.  Yet if I focus on that… or go into overdrive…  Chill!  I am sure many of us are feeling these tugs in several different directions.  Self-love/care first and then it extends outward.  My reminder was starting the day with a headache.  Yet after a short rest/reset… it was gone.  Trust that there will be enough time and ways to do what is to be done.


Okay, possibly visually too busy for some but…


The energy last night felt like these pictures I found online.

And today…

as I awoke to a very light dusting of snow.  Light… opening doors and spiraling up.

And the snow continues here… now a white out… so I know this is enough and more later.

Stay warm… safe… and in your light.  <3!!!


P.S.  Ha… this showed up as a reminder for all, part of a horoscope… “So stop pretending that you’re happy with a situation when you’re clearly not….”  It is okay to ask for what you desire.  Intend, align, be it, receive it.

And know that one will always have assistance from outside/Guides and that the best guidance is IN you.  It is your unique, divine plan.  That’s what you came here for 🙂


All pics found online (except last two), many tagged

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