Planetary K and Gamma and… the Spiritual Journey?

I started this post over a month ago yet then it got long/complicated… way too much. It was the process… and it still is since I really don’t know much more (definitively) than when I started.  Oops, spoiler alert but humor me and read on.

Isn’t it interesting when you start with a question and pretty quickly it just leads to a lot more. So my role is not to be the expert but to mention and pass along. Trust that I never thought my spiritual journey would lead me here.

I started noticing charts like these on occasion a year ago. They got a few likes yet little to no explanation.  What did they mean??  Some, get it... right?  Or maybe one needed to start asking some questions. What I found was many do understand these charts and many are also learning what they mean to them.

I’d noticed that on days where I was spiritually flying high, so were charts like these:


Often a gamma/sun burst but it can also be from another star constellation.  The data/charts can be found here:

So I did some homework since I wanted to understand the science and spiritual perspective.  Like why was I sooo feeling these?  I was finding the science data/facts/reports yet they made my head hurt and… many spiritual articles referencing yet not really explaining.  Where was the happy medium?  I am sure they’re out there… and I’d bet more will be writing/bridging the science and spiritual applications/meanings.  There is a way to make all of this simple/digestible… and enjoyable.

For me, just finding the charts seemed to be a bit of a challenge so I’ve included a few of the links I’ve found thus far.  I asked and was pointed in the right direction.  Grateful (and you know who you are; thank you 🙂

I had a smile on my face and was like, I’m in!  Ha!  Yet in an effort to not duplicate my prior draft post, I am keeping this very simple right now.  This is just an introductory.

So I’ll mention the Planetary K charts (the first two pictures) which can be found at:   There are also many other charts but let’s not go there now.

Well… I will mention one more. When I found this chart, my heart and mind finally seemed to relax. Now this is how you “study” all of this.  In joy!  Finally, this was speaking my language… music.

Ahh 2016 and how it played out.  All the highs and lows.  When I looked at this a bit more closely, I chuckled.  Those bigger energy waves and moments where it seemed quiet…  It really did seem to match up perfectly for me.  Life is music.


More information here:    and the “old style”/musical charts ❤  can be found here:

Okay… so enough for now.  Yup… just planting seeds.  If this interests you, I will revisit this with more explanation in the near future or you can start your own seeking/homework/meditation and asking for guidance, now.  🙂  Spirit’s been a bit limited in messages (up until now) but I will share what I’ve received in future posts.

I’ll also mention that I initially bookmarked several of these sights and then, gone.  Ghee these computer glitches these past several weeks/months.  As if information is playing hide and seek.

Thanks for reading.  ❤


7 comments on “Planetary K and Gamma and… the Spiritual Journey?

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  4. I think of things like energy bursts from the sun and the like, to be an energy exchange, like earth and sun communicating with each other. I’ve been told and read that this energy that hits us is information that my conscious brain doesn’t grasp, but to me, information and energy are synonymous with consciousness. So somehow it’s affecting our consciousness. It can be overwhelming for my son because he can sense this energy/consciousness more than I do.

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  5. Great, these charts I have been seeing ,and it’s always been over my head….Whoa, I’m going to do some Homework 😉

    Thank YOU 😍

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