Sounding the Alarm


Oh Spirit has been busy in my house the past 24 hours.  Sounding all sorts of… alarms.  At first though I was just thinking, false alarm.  Nope.  Seems to tie into, the call.  Energy has been ebbing and flowing over the past two days or so.  I wanted to say high yet not too high and low/er… yet, this low is really our old normal.  Some will be feeling Kundulinia/heat rising, heart pounding, ear ringing…   Tomorrow is 1/11/1 (2017 = 1).  It is just beginning.  Yesterday I heard, all hand on deck.  Yup.  No fear/panic.  With ease and grace we show up, open up, give and receive.  A full day ahead/full steam ahead and will write more later.  ❤

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