A Clean Slate


Good morning sweet souls of love and light… oh wait, good afternoon… oh good whenever you may read.  🙂  This post might seem a bit random yet those who follow along know I often do this since life often appears random.  Yet it is not.  So just sharing a little of this and that on this wonderful day.

I wanted to start with the dreams I’ve been having these past few weeks.  They seemed more real/lucid to my everyday life and very symbolic.  I note them and move on.  It took two weeks for the first one to play out and then a day for another and then, an hour for more recent one.  This is anchoring in a timeline/new reality.  Where the dream and reality become one.  It is happening for many.

We’ve had a snow storm here and I’ve watched what a snow/ice storm can do for an individual, house and community.  A time to rest, regroup, help another…. again and again.  As if a few moments could have only come from being snowed in/stuck.

I often meditate on the back deck as the sun rises. Yet with a thick sheet of snow/ice, I’ve left it undisturbed.  I like the shiny symbolism, so fresh and anew, a clean slate.  This morning though it was gone and I was surprised as only thing that was now on the deck was… a feather.  As if it fell with the snow and was waiting to be seen.  These are the moments that get me.  Moments you can’t explain to another.  They are felt and known.  They are so simple yet profound.

I’ve also been feeling the affects of arising in the morning from what I joke as a, cryo sleep chamber.  Deep sleep and one can be a bit disoriented.  Hmm… might even tie into that inner chill some of us have been feeling as we upgrade/change/awaken and fortify new dna.  So my outward signs now have been for melting/thawing out.  We are (or will soon be), flowing again.

I went to look back in my notebook to see what I’d noted since this has often helped me and I do feel as if much has happened in the past few days.  Yet… I’d paper clipped the past pages as if to signify that it was in the, past.  Ahh… and another full moon is basically upon us.  We often plant seeds/intentions in the new moon and now, what will we see?  I will say that the moonlight and snow has been a beautiful sight.  This softer white glow all around.  The purity and perfection.  This is… us.

It does seem that Spirit activity has been high in many ways.  Seeing, feeling… and things that seem to fall, creak… haha, one may wish to ask, who’s there…?  

In a meditation, I was handed a hammer.  This surprised me a bit yet then I chuckled.  Got it – a hammer is a power symbol.  With it you can shatter realities or create a useful structure.  A tool… and to be used wisely.  Often enough in meditation gifts/symbols are relayed to one.  It might be a flower, book, heart, wings, gem, items of clothing or jewelry.  All reminders.

I was also reminded that it’s the human mind that worries.  Spiritual mind… nope.  We stick/align to what we want … even if it’s quiet.  The quiet still seems to make some nervous.  Continue on in Faith and Knowing.  We don’t need to stay busy…  stay, HAPPY!

When any energy that’s not acknowledge/honored, it’s form is then sent out to find a match… a lesson that one will feel/experience.  Like finding it’s, twin.  Now… Masters feel, acknowledge and neutralize… right on the spot.  No more lessons.  No more fear, anger, jealousy, wondering when… since one knows.  You are complete.  No more waiting either.  Only creating.  Creating moments of joy, love… whatever you wish to experience.  Remember…?

So ready…?  Willing… and Able…?  I think so.  No question.


Sing, surf… play, in LOVE!  This is the tidal wave/big kahuna we’ve been waiting for.


P.S.  Some may still be asking, like, why have the past few days/weeks been… _______ (whatever descriptive words one could use).  Well, get ready, you’ll soon see why.

P.S.S.  Buckle up kiddos… or not, haha.  I am anticipating some high (er) energy incoming over the next few days.  Some feel this and for some, you remind yourself and let yourself into bliss.  Do what you love, jam out to your favorite music, get lost in creating something anew.  Take an average moment and make it into an extraordinary.


(pictures found online)

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