Do we realize…?


Some time ago I wrote a post, this isn’t your momma’s spirituality.   And it isn’t.  I was taking a moment today to absorb what’s been happening to many over the past few years now.  I also paused again at the word, unprecedented.  Yup.  This is not about being psychic, a medium, channel, life couch, healer or teacher.  Although we are all of these titles (in some form and fashion) and much more.  I made a list the other day and wow.  Talk about a spiritual resume/CV.  Some of the words may even be foreign/seem extreme to another who feels, enlightened.  

We are all teachers in this journey and well, we’re not like our teachers.  One may have started their journey more in self-help, (mental) health or any arena and in time moved more to spiritual… and then to this super spiritual experience.  This seem to be the, To infinity and beyond chapter.  The new frontier.

I am sure I’ve mentioned but let’s just say again… ascending/building a light body-house/walking a spiritual path is not always easy.  It might be early on yet then there seems to come a point where it becomes… unknown/extreme/challenging/_____ .  Well, sounds like, life.

If you identify with activating your additional strands of dna… while this is amazing, it can also knock you on your ass.  Hence why it comes in stages and self-care is a must.  Multiple mini rests may be needed.  I still find that three sleep positions seem to mean:  Left side, releasing the day.  Center, open/neutral.  Right side, ready for the new/dream.  We all find little ways that assist.

There are new energies available and one might not know or feel them as they are.  Our mind tends to label to protect us.  Open mind and heart.  It’s all amazing.

Some right now are in major release mode.  Others, in much smaller doses.  Lessons learned, pain, fear… Yup, that can be released back to the Universe.  To the light.


I will also share that PTSD/trauma, if unresolved… that’s one’s fear/phobia/anxiety this life.  It get’s carried over.  Acknowledge, resolve, heal… possible in stages.  Reach out to another (healer).  We got this.  Some may be having some deep stuff, surprising, surface.

Some are releasing lineages of stuff.  It could included times of being criticized, overthinking, doubt, etc.  We are moving forward though in confidence and love in all that we do.

I was also reflecting/chuckling on how spiritual seekers really can be insatiable.  Doesn’t this seem to go against spirituality a bit.  Being present/patient, happy with what one has, and knowing more will always come.  And as I’ve watched a few events unfold these past few weeks, I’ve observed that some on a spiritual path can quickly judge, dismiss, not be so patient/giving just as much as a non-awakened person.  Namaste…?  And I can say all of this because, I have/AM.  At times though we just need to be there, remain open and hold space.  In sharing, support and community, we remind and hold the light.  You never know who might need your loving acceptance.

Months ago Spirit walked me through “retiring” the lightworker status.  Yet… lol.  I often don’t get caught up in word semantics but at times it is important.  There does seem to be a difference between being a lightworker and then stepping into a newer and broader role as a Master, Guardian (again many words could be used here).  Yet after I made some lists, I was seeing that none of those words mattered (to me).  We came here to be… well, a mix of all… and our own unique self.  And at times some of the most important roles such as mother/father, sister/brother and friend we seem to overlook.  There are many new titles available as many will be stepping up.  Proceed in joy, knowing and traveling, light.

If you can, get outside, go for a walk… breathe!  Take in some sunlight.  This is why I love taking pictures.  Just about anything becomes a beautiful reminder.  As you connect, you’re reset/hold a higher vibration.  Stop and smell the roses.  Have an amazing and beautiful weekend.  Have some fun, too… remember?    ❤

9 comments on “Do we realize…?

  1. Awe, Thanks Molly! I Love YOU too, and I followed your advice, I know ‘they on the other side’ are suppose to know, and not give more than I/We can handle, but gee whiz already!! I ask that they lighten it up a bit….lol
    Body still feels very heavy, but at least the rage is over…….still CLEARING A LOT OF BAGGAGE, ITS TOUGH, BUT WE MUST TRAVEL LIGHT, RIGHT!?

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    • Annette, I tried to look back and find a post that seemed similar to your words. I remember having a moment like this… and that (at that time) I felt no one was honest/writing about it. For me it surprised me and snuck up on me. It did serve a purpose yet having others that understand (or are open to try to) and can support (verses telling you to hush/suck it up/get it together) does make it easier. We are meant to COME UNDONE!! It is a great moment! ❤

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      • Coming Undone….I have truly succeeded this go round! So All isWell, I shall FLOW ONWARD AND UPWARD, dragging my HUMANESS WITH ME!

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