Practice, Practice, Practice


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While there are some who are (all) knowing here and now, for the most part, we are practicing here on Earth.  Yes, claiming and doing/being of service are important acts yet, so is humility and knowing that what we do know/remember compared to what there is to know…  our brain just can’t comprehend that kind of knowledge/database… yet. 

I’ve found this a journey of where, one will shed many skins and morph often.  We receive invitations to remember (even more) yet we often miss the signs/moments and get busy continuing on or involved in something else.  This journey is asking many to constantly, change.  And then there are those pauses.  As if Spirit is oh so quiet.  They do make great moments to rest… enjoy and to practice.

And there are so many ways to practice.  While meditation or reading, listening or watching a teacher can be extremely helpful, at times the Universe is asking us to play.  It might have very little to do with the work/clients/students who seek you out.  Trust that the right people and situation will find you… and teach you. 🙂  Remaining open in all that is becomes a way and one will see more and more of the invitations.

So I list a few moments I’ve had in the past.  Each one surprised me a bit.  I wasn’t expecting Spirit to take the lead and for it to become a teaching moment.

♥  As I walked a trail.  Asking to see what happened on the trail.  Then asking to heal/bless the grounds/raise the energy.

♥  At a graveyard – many stories surfaced here.  Each one came with a lesson.  No, I don’t normal go to cemeteries but one day I just happened to literally stumble into one.  Dates and names might cold an eerie (in a good way) significance.

♥  Nursing home – just go.  Just listen.  Angelic energies are very close to our elders and there is wisdom to hear.  Also a great energy exchange.

♥  Library/public building… scan it and then proceed.  You will be guided.  Also look for sacred geometry signs.

♥  Consciously taking your energy… anywhere.  To a grocery store, a busy stop light…

♥  Become an animal/pet whisperer.

♥  Practice scanning/reading energy as you’re out in public… ask for a name and then ask the person if there name is…  What do you have to loose?  Sure you might get it wrong every now and then but I’d bet the name you do get means something to them because it’s radiating off of them.

An example of scanning can be found in the movie, Big Hero6.  Yes, a big kid I AM.


Learn how to use or make your own pendulum.  Even better, your body is a pendulum.  Pick up or make your own set of angel/tarot cards.  Ha… tarot is a skill and could keep you busy for weeks. Feng Shui a room.  Oh the list could go on and on.  Just practice… have fun with it.



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