I was working on another post yet then seemed to pause and switch gears a bit.  How is everyone doing?  For me the past few days have flown by.  The days have been a bit quiet Spirit wise yet I hold this knowing.  Knowing…

Well, let me say as I took a pulse, I was seeing that many are in the midst of (deep) purging and clearing.  Many of us thought 2017 would start with a bang, angels singing, direction given, manifesting and miracles… and… this is happening for some.  Really for all yet not like what we may have thought.  So we continue on until it does.  Really, until we find peace.  Once you’ve found it, you will not settle for anything else.  Well… joy, laugher and love are also pretty amazing.

This time last year it felt like, into the unknown.  We still had some fear to work through.  Now it might seem like, into the unseen… yet we smile… right?  I sense all the work that is happening.  I thought of my career days where I often planned events.  At times it took a year to plan a one day event.  A lot of work, all of the little details and often also for the next before the event had even taken place.  And for those who show up at the event, they often have no clue as to all the work that took place.  They just enjoyed… and as it should be.  So many may not be aware of all that is happening yet we’ll show up, right on time to participate and hopefully, enjoy.

So it may seem quiet/uneventful, even grey… or like, this year will be no different.  Ha!  Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

I was reflecting on how often last year I’d get to a moment where I felt all caught up and asked Spirit, what’s next?  Time and time again a real moment situation would appear (usually within a day).  I was asking, what’s next as in the sense of spiritually what was next.  Like another way to be in service, or amazing dream, prolific experience, new remembrance, etc.  Know that this is as good as Spirt can send it.  What gets placed before us is for our special consideration, embrace or touch.

So I leave you with this.  The gates are open and there is no rush.  Honor your moment/process/heart.  Run wide open or rest/take your time/meander.  The gifts of freedom, peace and love we find in our own ways again and again.  Much love!


Up, up UPdate:  Yup, portal, stargates… OPEN.  You hold the key… turn and let yourself in.  Things seem to be moving/flowing again.  Soft, with ease.  Whatever you were working on, let go and on to the next.  🙂  ❤

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  1. How are we doing? Well, I for one am up to my eyeballs in clearing and healing. Dealing with my body has led me to looking into the “why” of pain and discomfort and dysfunction going on. And the answers that are coming up? Holy shit-balls! Old fear and pain. It’s coming up and going, going, gone. How much fear and pain can a person tuck into one body? Seriously! And along the way, I stumbled upon a thread of energy of a particular form of emotional pain (still working on exactly which emotion), that came down through my father, and his father, and his father, etc. I healed it yesterday. Still reeling from that totally unexpected discovery. I knew about one of these that came down on mom’s side; and although it was a surprise, it wasn’t a shock. But a double whammy?! Like I said, still reeling from it.

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