Spiritual Tools


There are moments where we need a reminder to glance at or fumble around in our Spiritual Tool Box.  To go through and see what we have available, what we use/practice, what works and now what can be recycled/donated/tossed.  We’ve gathered many tools over the years, possibly including some that have been handed down.  And we might even have some ideas on new tools, too – that we wish to acquire or create.  So while the options are unlimited, just providing a few possible reminders.  The first one even seemed to help me today.

Being in the NOW.  And at times this is very challenging.  Not thinking about yesterday, next week or six months from now.  Just right now; this very second.  Like, is everything okay in this moment?  While you might say or even scream, NO… think of it this way.  Are you breathing… wearing clothes (because showing up naked at most places might be embarrassing)… not bleeding/on fire/hot mess (well, that part is optional)… had a meal recently… and a few good hours of sleep?  Take a breath and remind yourself that everything is, okay… actually quite well.  Take another breath… and then proceed from there.  Choose your battles/reality carefully.  And baby steps and self care are things to keep in mind verses running off emotions/overdoing/reacting.

One may ask themselves, what is real to me in this moment?  What is important and what can wait… or, what have I been swept into that isn’t me…?

Meditation.  And just about anything can be meditation yet at the same time we can get a little sloppy/lax in our practice.  It doesn’t have to be an hour but it does need to be in our heart space, calm breathing and relaxed state… and not overthinking.  I often zone/zoom out while folding laundry in love.  Humming or even while taking a shower can become a meditation.

Listening/reading/watching anything that would raise our vibration/consciousness.  This would include, silence… or being/sitting/observing Mother Nature.  Taking a time-out for a funny or sci-fi movie or to listen or jam to your favorite music.  A good heart-to-heart discussion with another soul on a topic you haven’t talked about in a awhile.  Anything that would make one laugh, open our heart, get out of our brain or make one realize just how lucky/blessed we are.

Change of pace.  A break from what you think is your reality.  Do something, anything…. kind/different/bold/challenging/crazy/the opposite of what you’d normally do.  Take an afternoon off, take a nap, go to a movie, volunteer anywhere (spca, soup kitchen, school), take a different way home, pay it forward… anything… to gain a different, broader, higher perspective and attitude.

Feel free to comment/share what tool/practice is working for you right now.  It could be a ritual, a mantra, a particular crystal, using angel cards, crafting… anything.  We are better together.  ❤

In love, light, service, peace and gratitude.


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