A Clean Slate


Good morning sweet souls of love and light… oh wait, good afternoon… oh good whenever you may read.¬† ūüôā¬† This post might seem a bit random yet those who follow along know I often do this since life often appears random.¬† Yet it is not.¬† So just sharing a little of this and that on this wonderful day. Continue reading

Sounding the Alarm


Oh Spirit has been busy in my house the past 24 hours.¬† Sounding all sorts of… alarms.¬† At first though I was just thinking, false alarm.¬† Nope.¬† Seems to tie into, the call.¬† Energy has been ebbing and flowing over the past two days or so.¬† I wanted to say high yet not too high and low/er… yet, this low is really our old normal.¬† Some will be feeling Kundulinia/heat rising, heart pounding, ear ringing…¬†¬† Tomorrow is 1/11/1 (2017 = 1).¬† It is just beginning.¬† Yesterday I heard, all hand on deck.¬† Yup.¬† No fear/panic.¬† With ease and grace we show up, open up, give and receive.¬† A full day ahead/full steam ahead and¬†will write more later.¬† ‚̧

Planetary K and Gamma and… the Spiritual Journey?

I started this post over a month ago yet then it got long/complicated… way too much. It was the process… and it still is since I really don’t know much more (definitively) than when I started.  Oops, spoiler alert but humor me and read on. Continue reading



Clarity is incoming.¬† Oh how I love these moments.¬† Like… mind _ blown.¬† So I am going slow today.¬† Taking notes and letting it come in waves.¬† My guess is this will be unfolding for several days.¬† IF it is quiet for you (and you’re like, what is she talking about)… perfect.¬† You are just one a-ha away from your, next.¬† Pull in to know.¬† Clarity though can play out in many ways.¬† Some will watch/observe and some will do/in action/service¬†and… be amazed.¬† With ease. Continue reading



We seem to be filtering and it can be felt in many ways.¬† Sensed¬†in meditation – as if alot of information yet just glimpse (like a rapid flip book) or seeing a team of new, yet unkown, faces.¬† At times the eyes flutter, too.¬† In sleep/dream time – often strange dreams.¬†¬† And/or in moments of your daily routine/mood – out of nowhere random thoughts/recall.¬† Trust that this is not a pop quiz where you’ll need to retain/identify/grab onto… anything.¬† It seems to happen as one awakens/embodies a new energy/aspect/Guide(s).¬† It can also be felt as static/choppy/faint or brief¬†connection¬†(possibly for several days) yet trust that a clear signal will come through.¬† Continue reading

Where the wave runs backwards

A few years ago in channeling I heard these words.¬† As I reviewed my notes, I paused and wondered.¬† What did this mean?¬† As I pondered, I then thought of a rip curl.¬† Yikes.¬† I mean we were talking ocean waves, right?¬†¬† And… sure enough¬†into the “water” I went.¬† One can play in shallow water but it wasn’t long.¬† Many of us¬†went deeper.¬† And sure enough, a rip curl.¬† Many had¬†some acknowledgment, wondering if we’d¬†survive.¬† You can’t fight a rip curl.¬† You have to relax, know and go with it.¬† Swim out of it.¬† And we did. Continue reading

Total Solar Eclipse

I do often find what comes into my energy, interesting.¬† This was recently delivered.¬† When the moon covers the sun.¬† And, you bet this has spiritual significance!¬† Not since 1991 (in Hawaii¬†) have we even seen a total solar eclipse.¬† In 1979, for¬†five states in the US.¬† For this one though, while still many months away (8/21/2017)¬† 14… yes, 14 states in US.¬† Continue reading