Just sharing my morning meditation.  At first the clouds looked like angel wings, then a hand (reaching out and making connections) and then a Michael Angelo moment.  I asked what was I seeing… feeling.

Elementals are nature spirits composed of etheric matter. Their job is to build and maintain the (plant) kingdom while working with All.  There seems to be several types including, mermaids as water spirits, sylphs as air spirits, gnomes as earth spirits, and salamanders as fire spirits.  I’d bet there are even more than that, too.  One may connect with elementals if they feel a special connection to nature.  One may also feel their vibration/message.  Heavenly…


and enough for now.  Blessings ❤

2 comments on “Elementals

  1. Love, Love, LOVE ❤️
    I’m heading out in a bit before work with the dogs, and we shall connect with the Elementals…..I think of them OFTEN, especially when I’m near the Pine Forest 😊

    ❤️ Ya!

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