Geodes and Geocodes

My son and I found a small yet very nice mineral museum a few years ago.  It was full of amazing geodes and he was able to crack one; a special memory.  Fast forward and I’d received short messages about a (new) energy grid surfacing.  Certain points/sacred sights… and how they are everywhere. 

So on a recent outing to a certain favorite place that I hadn’t been to in a while, I was more aware of the energy exchange.  When I returned home, Spirit seemed to point out, Soul/sole/feet… Geocodes (location)… and Geodes, both as we are a light/crystal body and the geodes that lay in the Earth unknown and under our feet.  Many remember geocaching; a modern day scavenger hunt.  Ahh and so the adventure continues.  This time no electronics/GPS are needed.  We are the GPS.  Some are now ready to meditate and activate these codes.  There is more here… for each to discover 🙂

2 comments on “Geodes and Geocodes

  1. Can you speak more as to what it can be like when one activates light codes? The reason I ask, is that during a recent healing session, after the healing happened, and it was huge (massive soul retrieval), instead of seeing the usual light coming out from within me, it appeared as rainbows. When I asked why rainbows, I received the message that the light I was now accessing was full spectrum light (all the colors of the rainbow). The way things appear during my sessions, I often see areas of blackness or shadows. After the shift happens, either the blackness floats up off of me, or if it’s really dense, it cracks apart and is removed from me. There is always light underneath. My light that had been covered or blocked from being able to shine.

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