No pressure… remember?

Alrighty kiddos!  How ya doing…?  The last two days I’ve awoken with a physical sensation, an inner feeling.  It feels like pressure or could be described as heaviness (or even a bit medically concerning).  Expanding, like blowing up a balloon.  Our inner universe seems to be expanding.  My mental, emotional and spiritual body feels great though.  So while it may feel like pressure, I know there is no pressure.  A time to breathe, go slow and in joy.

We may be filling with photonic light, anchoring in the next or holding space… it could be many things.

I also thought of how a diamond is formed.  Under pressure.  Yes, we can sing here.

And while I haven’t had time to do homework, there does seem to be a link.  Going from carbon to crystal base, the changes and expansion in our human dna.  Hmmm…

So some may be feeling this pressure in their reality… or in an emotional state verses physically.  It may seem intense, overwhelming… never ending.  Usually these moments though just last a few days and then we are on to the next.  Yes, we see/feel/experience what we need to and then evolve.


Keep breathing and let your guard down.  Allow the process.  Don’t try to understand in your mind; the answer isn’t there yet.   Open your heart and powerful torsion field.

Resting, meditation (just to meditate) or a slow and short walk/sitting in nature may help.  Eat light and keep the water flowing.

During this time some are also experiencing a Universal mind.  The best way to describe/keep this simple at this time may be this picture.  It happens in steps/stages.


So yes, a lot is going on.  Honor your process.  No pressure.



* Please do seek medical attention/advice/treatment if this would relax your state of being.  Ascending is hard on our body and so much can come up.  Take care of your unique and precious vehicle.  ❤

2 comments on “No pressure… remember?

  1. At the moment….Mind, Body, and Spirit are feeling pretty balanced, still experiencing pressure in my forehead though. I feel a need to share this meditation link, as I truly believe it has had a profound Healing Effect on me!! ( for anyone who feels guided, please scroll down just a bit and you will see it ).
    This was a great post, and I thank you!! 💞

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