Dreaming the Answer


Oh the dreams!  Wow.  Pretty much one a day/night now when years ago I’d be lucky to have a handful a year that I could remember.  This past week though, a few of them I was about to dismiss (thinking strange/insignificant) yet I wrote them down.  And then as I went back… HA!  Not insignificant.  And in my half awake state, my notes, abbreviations and misspellings also clearly now provided clues.

An example could be, eye = I; Spirit loves double meaning of words.  And certain words that are said/remembered, think who says that and what does it signify.  Also what were you wearing (think symbolic) or feeling.

This topic was also on my mind a few weeks ago as I started this writing/was in the draft folder:

I remember years ago hearing that if one had a question or situation, to ask for a dream as a reminder as to what to do.  And it give it a few nights.  Well… last night I seemed to awake just about every hour.  I seemed to take an issue to bed – verses completely releasing and trusting the Universe.  (Ah, see no one is exempt.)  So each time I awoke I seemed to know that I was seeking an answer/solution… and in a different energy/space.  The options are unlimited.

Often one will awake remembering just The dream/solution (verses all the stops).  For me dream recall has taken practice and having fun with it.  In time, prepare to be amazed!  So keep dreaming, noting and playing with and in your dreams.  ❤

7 comments on “Dreaming the Answer

  1. I always dream up a storm. Every night. Usually one dream will roll into the next and into the next. But by the time I wake up, they vanish. My favorites are the dreams that are more than dreams: visitations. Only had that a couple of times.

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    • AWESOME! I used to often not remember my dreams. Notepad by bed helped. Also keeping eyes closed and remembering a few pieces to note. Dream recall has been a process and practice… and yes, so many types of dreams/play/work/visitation/checking in going on! ❤

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  2. Multiple dreams is an understatement! I feel like information or visions are coming fast and furious. Writing down what I remember, just hoping to get some insight later to what it all may means, if anything.

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