Good morning/afternoon/evening loves!  How are you?  The past few weeks have been different for me yet when I reflect on this journey, ha, this seems to be the pattern.  Just about each day/moment these past few years has been.  I think on so many stages.  The awakening, which can I pause here and say, this alone can take years… and then the ascending and descending (and all may not experience/acknowledge or may just need a few moments)… and then all the work/play/living that happens regardless.

The messages and dreams I’ve been receiving have been a bit more personal in nature.  I seem to be honoring what I know yet can’t put words to yet.  I’ve also been having dreams of food and home symbolism and… choice.

I do know a lot is going on behind the senses… (haha) scenes and will be coming together in it’s own time/way for all of us.  All of this work (for years now) will be coming into a new form/platform from which we function.  It’s also a time of this mix of divine neutrality… letting go… yet also moments of stating/standing up for what you love.

The other day I passed a stable that runs close to the road.  A few years ago a horse, as if on cue, would often meet me and quickly gallop along side.  I’d smile, feel and took it as a reminder to allow my inner wild horse to run free.  So I chuckled when this time I saw the horse and then watched her quickly lay down.  Ha.  I even caught a hawk napping the other day.  So my signs have been to go slow, rest as needed and not to take anything too serious.  And when I look to the weather (as a sign)…   Warm, Warmer, then an immediate Chill as we go from 60 to 75 with rain to 35 with sleet and all within 48 hours.

I have been reminded in many ways that we’re all connected.  The random that we often don’t understand in the moment that later we find out.  It may be felt as sympathy/support pain, a knowing, dream or sign.  The theme/sense of community/neighbors continues to weave.  I’ve been feeling so many moments of an inner process, too.

So there does seem to be a bit of a wildcard factor yet this, too, is pretty normal, now.  I was reminded that revelations are incoming.  The Universe has been teasing about this download/reveal, like, wait for it


Yet we continue to live, love and laugh.  Well a full moon is just two days away.  Ahh, the reveal.  Yet also a lunar eclipse (penumbral, so not a blackout) in Leo.  Oh, the surprise part yet not a total surprise.  And add in a green hued comet, too – wowziers, the zinger.  As above, so below.

Well… enough for now.  Wishing all peace, love, light and your next wild card revelation.


(Pics found online and 1st one already tagged 🙂

3 comments on “Wildcard

  1. Revelation huh!? Yep I do believe this is SO right on!! May shake things up a bit, and it most likely will be a bit disturbing at first, but ALL IS IN DIVINE ORDER 😊

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    • haha… have you gotten “storm” warning messages? I did (amongst other) yet let go. Gheez, so much letting go this past few weeks. Then the sun came out here (yippee) and a bit floaty now. Choosing that for sure. The higher ups got the big stuff. ❤ ya!!


      • No storm warning persay, but surely Something! Last evening…..oh yea, letting GO, and all has felt incredibly Calm, Light,and Flowing today, and It FEELS SO GOOD 😑
        ❤️ Ya more!

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