Alrighty loves and lights.  As far as a quick energy update, there’s some mini clearings/releases/a-ha’s and reminders/pulses of union/twin energy.  Yet, this doesn’t seem as important as what’s going on that can’t quite be described… yet.

I’ve known for weeks now that things are changing.  Yes, change has been a big part of this journey all along yet often it’s so subtle we don’t realize.  So I’ve been feeling it more personally and in other time/spaces (so yet to be seen although some has been showing up).  The crumbling of the old.  This next wave of change, while some details I seem to know… oh a lot, I don’t.  The paradox and mystery.  I do know that it can’t be rushed, pushed or forced so I’ve been living, trusting and relaxing into the unknown which I’ve discovered is a very supporting role.  In divine timing.  I’ve also been even more committed to honoring my own unique process.  Again realizing so many of the ways that got us here just no longer work… or aren’t now done with the ease/passion/knowing as before.  Honor this, there is power in pausing.  It can seem confusing at first yet it’s not.  We are just shedding another skin… yes, again.  The old ways have served their purpose and it’s okay to let go!

Shifts happen all the time.  Shifts = change in energy and there are all kinds.  I felt a (larger) shift right at Christmas that last for weeks.  Then another about three weeks ago.  The first one could be (personally) described as a descension yet it was just as important as any ascending.  The second, well… I’d describe it as a 360 embodiment/phase (and would probably need to write another post on this alone).  I can’t say either of these I was anticipating.  While 2016 was an amazing year, I was also ready for some new (we are creators and visionaries) to come into form/happen/start in 2017.   Well…

It is.  This does seem to be a theme of the journey.  While we think/request/feel a certain momentum, what we receive might appear quite different.  The very finite details to make sure all is successful.  And in this is where we use our Mastery/alchemy and even acrobatic skills; balancing it all.  So I can say both of these shifts have come with gifts… and moments of choice.  In some ways, it’s been much easier than many of the steps I’ve/we’ve already gone through yet, I can’t say this would be true for all.  While some have been sailing along… some have been deep in the trenches!  And some are in unique/new energy/bandwidths… forerunning this next wave.  Each of these ways is so important and needed now.

I’ve been feeling the next in moments for the past few weeks as if it’s about to break through… yet then it fades.  I awoke this morning with the word, Jonah.  I thought, as in the whale… the tale of spending three days in the belly/void to then be returned to live out his calling.  So yes, this next wave might be a biggie/significant/a turning point for many.  Interesting since Noah/Ark symbolism was brought up months ago.

Recently Spirit had a discussion with me on, stability.  While many awaken in the midst of confusion/drama/trauma/an unexpected moment… a large part of this journey is set up for one in a stable place (although it may not seem like it).  Stability is a gift.  It is a time to process, heal, remember, practice/create and know.  It can take years.  Many who choose to awaken and ascend lived a life before that just didn’t offer much stability (or satisfaction)… or one wasn’t ready to see/embrace the opportunity.  Once you do, you work a process.  You work it till you are ready to leave behind a lifetime of IDK’s, WTF’s and excuses.  You work it till you are healthy enough and unwavering in your faith and knowing… even if this can’t be explained.

Jesus was born in a stable… could this be the hidden symbolism??  To find a good enough place to have this experience.  Even if you’ve been walking the path for years/decades now, Spirit is asking us to expand/deepen even more.  Right here and now… no more waiting/can’t stop a/this delivery.

So could stability = St. Ability…??  Whether you read that as Saint or Street (sign).  Your ability comes from your stability.  A new foundation you create for yourself.  Your own energy.

So a few questions now may be…  Does it… whatever it may be, now serve you?  And… what one bold thing could you do now?   What is stirring in your heart?  It’s stirring for a reason.  Lift your energy and pull to you your, next.  Or wait… since it will come.  You will know what is best for you at this time.  And if you don’t… for my experience we wait till the path is clear… yet there are those adventuresome moments 🙂

Enjoy the stability that’s been provided.  The unfolding continues…

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  1. Been working on myself again. When writing about a session where I literally saw myself being kicked off of walking straight down a line, it finally occurred to me to use the word align instead of a line. I fully and completely knew what walking on my golden line meant, but I giggled in the new words choice. Getting more agile at translating spirit messages into English language.

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