The Rainbow Bridge


Well… there’s more than one kind.  For quite some time there was only one for me, as things start to lighten up and get more colorful in my personal healing, exploration and journey.  My outer world also mirror this with rainbow after beautiful and vibrant rainbow.  The past 10 days or so I’ve been working with the animal rainbow bridge.  I wrote a post on animals jumping months ago and I was then and now being literal.


For now though, I will just leave you with a few pictures and you can explore and practice.




As far as a (personal) update.  Going slow today.  Wowziers what’s downloading/awakening, now…?  And the dreams continue.  I have though been reminded by Spirit to take them with a grain of salt.  They are just a part of a larger process that’s going on.  Holy Moly as I’ve awoken from some with heart racing, gasping for air and/or heart beating out of my chest.  So I will also mention one might see themes of death, floods and collapses.  Think symbolic/energetically and in the bigger picture.  Are we having fun…??


(All pics found online)

7 comments on “The Rainbow Bridge

  1. I dreamed I wanted to find an eagle feather. And then there was one right there on the ground (in the dream). We have a lot of eagles here, and I am always looking for an eagle feather on the lawn or the woods. Cool to instantly manifest it in the dream.

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  2. I’ve seen that awful symbolism on this journey for the last three years or so – and it’s AWFUL. I keep asking for it to be changed, but it hasn’t. Unfortunately, it starts the anxiety, and then i know the energy is amping up. This is the part I don’t enjoy, but after all this time I’m finally getting my footing!

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    • Oh Brandie – Awesome! And I remember this stage (including the anxiety – yikes) and felt like it would never end… yet it did. So I write to say, stay the course… since it feels lifetimes away now. Still have moments knowing that all parts of this journey teach/guide us, both the light and dark/dim. Thank you for sharing. ❤

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  3. Gosh you did write about animals jumping, please share it with me again! Tears and sadness today, as the void sets in…..thanks for sharing this! 😿

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