Bursts of…


In the past I’d title a post like this, the random or grab bag.  I’m not going to worry about making it all smooth, just getting it out there.  Take what serves you or for the pleasure of reading. 

For some we’re in a stage of anchoring in significant light.  It does come in steps/waves/doses.  It can be felt at first (unbeknownst to one) as a clearing of our nervous system that has already endured much, here.  So thoughts/patterns, anxiety, sadness, dis ease will surface as the physical and new adjusts.  While one may not wish to hear, it can take years – several rounds of clearing.   And how can we assist one when we are surrounded by mental/medical health system that doesn’t even teach/know/acknowledge this natural and divine process?

And thank goodness we are all at different stages!  While some are up, others down, some inward, others outward.  All working together and needed and serving.

I’ve been seeing a light/sun language as if one may see sun spots.  It can tie into sungazing yet doesn’t have to.  It’s as if our human brain doesn’t understand this language/configuration.  One can practice though.  This just seems to be another way of explaining what may do already know/see/channel.  Light language, like many word choices though, can be a broad topic.

There are denser (and much slower) realities than this.  YIKES, lol.  That they stabilize our change here and now.  Ghee, I am glad to be here.

Spirit was reminding me of how the time of newborn parents, and often that broken sleep, can be a great time to go slow, bond and dream.  That Spirit walks… and rocks very close.   Yet feelings of stress/overwhelm can block this support/wonder/amazement.

I’ve also found numerous reminders in children’s books and movies.  For some of us, we don’t want to forget that fantasy/fairy tale theme.  It is part of our “mission” here and now.  So, what are we teaching our youth/young adults?  To survive or thrive?  To believe in the 3D world or… in all?  To work hard/plan for the future or to live in appreciation of the now moment, build a solid foundation now verses striving for/later.  To trust and believe that a way is always available.  I’ve found though it’s a mix in this reality.

Moving on…  I received an interesting short message and thought I’d share:  We had to get your heart out of the way.  What…?  Isn’t our heart always in the right place?  I get that at times our mind needs to function differently.  Yet I’d discovered there was some validity to this message.  Divine neutrality.

Reminders on balance.  That we do know and are to share yet… to also remain open to more/different (yet at times in moderation or observing where we’re getting the information).  Also on balance, that what makes you happy, makes the world/Spirit happy.  Some though seem to never be, happy… or satisfied.  So then what would it take?  One can choose to make this as complicated or simple as needed.  Just a thought… it often starts in gratitude and thanksgiving.  Spirit was whispering/alchemizing some words as they crossed my path.  I was hearing, _____  took so many years yet Spirit was reminding, given.  That time was given (verses taken) for that experience.

Lack of purpose is also for some a step in this journey yet to think of it as, a bonus of freedom… and now what could/would one do?  There are times we need to take a divine pause, breath and awaken/bring more to life.  Ah.. and balancing being of service with one’s own personal happiness.  And there can be the other extreme – at times wants/desires get us in alignment yet they can also bring suffering (not enough, lack mentality, etc.).  Umm… suffering/stagnating, sucks! 

I went for a beach walk the other day and many were beachcombing.  Looking/searching for the right shell or a piece of sea glass. While some appeared to enjoy the beautiful day, some where focused and on a mission. So are you looking…or have you realized it’s here, now.  Peace.  At times though we associate peace with an actual form.  Hmm…  when you can find that peace is no form… goal/prize… 🙂

I mentioned in a prior post this has been a time of lucid/strange/surreal/clearing dreams.  Could furniture dreams = future symbolism.  So many dreams for me and I will share this one.  I was meeting with a change maker.  He/she seems to be an angle of their own kind/ways.  Yet we’re also our own change maker.  The make a wish theme seems to be running strong.  We make a wish and then, in time and ways, make it happen.

There are times in this journey where we travel together in packs… we need to share experiences, energy and solace.  Then we seem to branch off in our own direction.  Soon new leaves/buds form from this.  Spring is just right around the corner. The latest teaser has been, you’ve switched tracks yet you don’t see where you’re going yet.  Nope and good thing I like adventures, lol.

So more than enough. Thank you for reading.  ❤

P.S.  Did you find your piece/peace today?  It’s always available… remember?
Remain open, flexible, grateful and keep playing (or chipping away at it).  We work and celebrate what has been given.


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